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About Us

At Pembroke Perinatal Center we believe that you, our patient, comes first. Our board certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr. Letty Romary along with their experience and caring team are ready to provide the highest quality of care for moms-to-be

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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Pregnancies are typically developing in a stable, predictable fashion. During this time both the mother and the baby are going through different stages leading to birth. Your fetus grows not only in size, but also develops attributes and changes morphologically over time and it is vital to keep a record of these changes and ensure they are happening orderly

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Patient Feedback

Dilcia C.

I had my first appt. today at Pembroke Perinatal, the experience was superb. From the front desk staff, to our very sweet ultrasound technologist, Marta, and Eileen, everyone was very kind and professional. Dr. Romary was truly excellent and willing to answer any questions we had. Overall wonderful experience!!  

Belkis P.

  Nice, courteous and quick service. Dr. Romary is very kind and patient, answers all questions with details and simple  

Megha M.

  Had great experience, Dr.Romary and her staff is great. So courteous all are. Each appointment I looked forward too as they gave detailed information and answered all my questions on baby growth. I had gestational diabetes and with that too, Dr. Romary guided me well to manage it with diet. She followed up to make sure my sugars were in limits and it will not affect baby’s growth. Love this place!!