Annual Physicals
Patients have different needs, and are each unique. While those suffering from chronic conditions may regularly visit thier doctor, others only schedule a visit when they’re sick.
The importance of scheduling routine visits and checking your health is so important, especially as you grow older. Your health risk-factors increase over time.
Our providers are extremely dedicated to get to know you, your health history and conduct all of the necessary exams to get the big picture. Among others, physical appearance, vital signs, heart rate, palpatory checks, blood pressure, height and weight, lab tests are a part of a routine physical.

School Physicals
School physicals help monitor growth and development of young patients. They also ensure children are up-to-date on vaccines before starting school. A School Physical helps to check the patient’s neurological development against the known milestones.
Physical and mental development of adolescents needs to be monitored closely, so potential problems found during the exam can be treated and remedied. Immunization records are extremely important in this process, as well as prescription medication used.
A School Physical might include:

  • Talk about family medical history and child’s health record
  • Height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and BMI measurement
  • Vision check, spinal and muscular development
  • Evaluation of the heart, abdomen, eyes, nose, throat, lungs and lymph nodes

Sports Physicals
Regular exercise makes us healthy and helps children develop. However, exercise also puts a strain on our body, which is why sports physicals are important.
Much like annual and school physical exams, sports physicals include analysis and palpatory checks. A sports physical also includes a fitness assessment where we assess the patient’s capacity to engage in a certain sport. Additionally, joints, flexibility, skeletal and muscular development are also monitored.

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