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Whether you’ve tried to lose weight many times before or this is your first attempt, you’re more likely to achieve long-term success with the support of nutritional counseling. Dr. Michelle Starke understands the challenges of losing weight and works with each patient to develop a customized diet plan that fits their lifestyle and goals. To get started on your weight loss program, call the office in Coral Gables, Florida or book an appointment online.

Please contact office for appointment.

Please contact office for appointment.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

When you gain weight, your hormones change in ways that hinder your weight loss efforts. Hormones such as insulin, cortisol, leptin, grehlin and thyroid hormones all play a role in weight

For example, patients who are overweight may be leptin resistant. When you’re resistant to leptin, you can carry extra weight, yet your brain thinks you’re low on energy reserves. As a result, you feel hungrier throughout the day and eat more than you usually would.

Why does weight loss counseling improve your weight loss success?

Dr. Starke can help you get off the weight loss roller coaster and overcome the influence of hormones with a medically supervised diet and nutritional guidance.
Patient are more motivated to stick with a weight loss plan when they work with a doctor because of the extra support and accountability.

Which supervised diets are available?

Dr. Starke works with you to develop a diet that suits your health needs. A few examples of the different types of diets available include:

The detox, or detoxification diet, flushes toxins from your body by temporarily restricting your food intake. The nature of a detox diet also leads to weight loss and, in some cases, the number of pounds shed is substantial.

Detox diets vary but may include raw food diets, mono diets – you consume one or two foods in liquid form – juice fasting, or vegetarian diet. The focus is on healthy fruits and vegetables, while restricting caffeine, alcohol, salt, sugar, meat, and processed foods.

Dr. Starke works with you to develop a detox diet that suits your lifestyle and health needs.

Elimination diets have a different focus: They’re recommended if you have a food sensitivity, so you can determine which food is responsible for your symptoms.

You’ll keep a journal of the foods and beverages you consume, along with notes about any symptoms that develop or foods you crave. Dr. Starke uses this information to target the most potential food groups; then you’ll eliminate those foods for at least four weeks.

If your symptoms improve, you can start adding one food group back into your diet at a time, waiting several days to see if symptoms develop before adding another group.

When you’re ready for weight loss counseling that helps you reach your goal and maintain a healthy weight, call Dr. Starke or book an appointment online.

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