What is the Mona Lisa Touch Treatment?

The Mona Lisa Touch procedure is an easy, safe, quick, non-surgical treatment that uses a gentle, painless laser to stimulate collagen, rejuvenating and restoring the vaginal wall. Mona Lisa Touch treatment is FDA approved and has successfully relieved bothersome symptoms that come with menopause, aging, childbirth, and chemo or radiation therapy, such as vaginal laxity, dryness, itching, burning, urinary incontinence, and pain during intercourse. 

Mona Lisa Procedure: What to Expect

Mona Lisa vaginal rejuvenation laser therapy is an excellent option for women everywhere because it is minimally invasive, non-hormonal, and takes no more than five minutes! The procedure takes place in the familiarity of your doctor’s office, similar to an annual gynecological exam. Like an ultrasound, a small wand is inserted into the vagina after applying a local anesthetic. Your doctor will turn this wand clockwise and counterclockwise to transmit gentle laser energy. 

The Mona Lisa laser will be transmitted into the vaginal wall tissue, creating collagen, new blood vessels, higher levels of elastin, and more, leading to the restoration of vaginal tissue. Many women notice an alleviation of symptoms in one to three treatments, depending on their personal situation. Because the therapy is so quick and easy, you can get right back to your daily routine without taking any additional downtime.

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What to Expect After Mona Lisa Touch

You may be wondering what to expect after Mona Lisa Touch therapy, and we can assure you that this clinically proven treatment will improve your symptoms, whether you are pre or postmenopausal. Ultimately, treatment will improve the overall health of the vagina and prevent infections such as UTIs, and your vaginal tissue will become tighter, healthier, and more firm. You can also expect blood flow and natural lubrication to be restored to the area, further relieving symptoms. 

Suppose you live with lichen sclerosis, which is a skin disorder in women who are postmenopausal. It causes skinny, translucent, or white spots in the vaginal region; Mona Lisa therapy can help alleviate your symptoms as well. If you are looking to decrease pain and bothersome symptoms and want to boost your self-confidence, sexual health, and pleasure, the Mona Lisa procedure is right for you!  Vaginal inflammation and irritation should not and does not have to rule your day-to-day life. 

Mona Lisa Touch Side Effects

You may be wondering if there are any negative effects of the Mona Lisa touch procedure. As with all procedures, Mona Lisa touch side effects are possible, and you can discuss with your doctor to weigh the pros and cons of doing the procedure, making an informed decision about what is right for you. It is worth knowing that any Mona Lisa Touch negative side effects are normal and will disappear within a few days of your procedure. 

Here are some Mona Lisa Touch side effects: 

  • General discomfort in the vaginal or pelvic area 
  • Light bleeding or spotting
  • Pink to Brown or thin liquid vaginal discharge
  • Swelling or redness on the vagina
  • Aching, itching, or tingling sensations with urination

Overall, there are no dangerous or worrisome negative effects of the Mona Lisa Touch procedure, and any Mona Lisa Touch side effects are temporary. Most women find that the various life-changing benefits of this procedure, such as relieving dryness, itching, irritation, and /or pain, outweigh any of these minor, temporary side effects. Additionally, if you are currently living with any of these health conditions, Mona Lisa may not be right for you:

  • Lesions present in the cervix or vagina, especially those you have not received evaluation or treatment for
  • If you are having anticoagulant treatment or have ITP disorder 
  • An infection of the vagina or vulva like candida, herpes, or an STD or STI
  • A medical history of keloid formation, impaired wound healing, or you have had reconstructive pelvic surgery, and the doctor used a mesh kit
  • Bladder prolapse 
  • If you are currently pregnant
  • If you have recently given birth within the past three months

Like any treatment, you will visit with your physician beforehand to review your medical history and speak about any questions or concerns before Mona Lisa therapy. Any negative effects of the Mona Lisa Touch procedure are minimal, if any, and if any Mona Lisa Touch negative side effects do occur, find comfort in knowing that this is temporary! What to expect after Mona Lisa Touch is an overall positive experience to benefit your health, physically and mentally. 

To best avoid any Mona Lisa touch side effects, you should wait to resume any strenuous physical activity for several days after treatment, and it is additionally recommended that you hold off from any vaginal penetration or sexual intercourse before treatment as well. Tight clothing, sitting in a pool or hot tub for a prolonged time, or placing something like a tampon within the vagina should also be avoided for five days to prevent any negative effects of the Mona Lisa Touch Procedure. Most women return to their day or work immediately after their appointment. 

Benefits of Mona Lisa Touch Therapy

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Do not let undesirable changes to the vagina affect your lifestyle or mental health! Mona Lisa vaginal rejuvenation can get you back on track in your daily life and intimate life. Mona Lisa Touch’s side effects truly are minimal, and the procedure has been safely, effectively, and widely used to help women everywhere since it was FDA approved in 2014. 

The treatment can help to provide the following:

  1. Improved vaginal health
  2. Improved to your sex life
  3. Improved natural lubrication
  4. Return to activity by minimizing urinary incontinence
  5. Tightening vaginal tissue
  6. Reversing vaginal laxity or stretching
  7. Reversing pain, vaginal itching, burning, and dryness

It is easy to get down on yourself about pain and discomfort that is so private and intimate, and we empathize with how this can affect your daily life, mentally and physically. Ultimately, Mona Lisa is bound to boost your self-esteem. Treatment is easy, quick, and pain-free, and we know that you will be feeling like yourself again in no time.

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