Darren Menendez, PA-C

Darren Menendez

Darren Menendez, PA-C

Darren Menendez, PA-C, is a Miami native and graduate of Florida International University’s physician assistant program, and has been licensed by the Florida Department of Health and NCCPA certified since 2021. He has been gaining experience in urology since the beginning.

He was initially introduced to urology at a clinic in rural central Florida, and held credentials in the Ocala Health System. Darren has been home, and a member of the Urology Specialty Care and Baptist Hospital team since 2022. Darren is an alumnus of the Miami Dade Honors College program and the University of South Florida. He had first studied the environmental sciences, but was fascinated by health science while taking additional classes for a public health minor.

Today, he is a member of the American Urological Association, and enjoys continuing his medical education to keep up with evolving trends. His most fulfilling role is in breaking down medical jargon so patients can better understand their conditions.

When not seen in the clinic or at a hospital bedside, he enjoys exercising, making music and camping.

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Patient Feedback

“I believed this is one of the few Medical offices that follow the appointments as scheduled. They are very professional and show care for the patients.”

Khaled J.

“This is the place with the best doctors, nurses and up today equipment to solve and cure your failing health. Love Urology Specialty Care of Miami.”

Hugo H.

“Very courteous staff, the dr was professional and nice. The office is immaculate and clean, free covered valet is a huge plus as well given Miami’s unpredictable weather. I would highly recommend this office and doctor to anyone looking.”

Brian M.