Another mission success thanks to a hard working team of individuals. We were short-staffed, hours were long, and yet once again we pulled it off.

I made a small album for those who are interested in taking a peek. If you  have seen these before, you will notice familiar faces. I have stayed with the same family since 2001; and it’s so neat to see the kids grow up. The oldest is now a dentist like his dad, and a dad himself!! Oh and the other two in dental school and one in high school planning to become, yep you guessed it…a dentist!

Our hospital staff are like family as well. After so many years we have forged strong relationships as colleagues and as friends. Looking at 2001 pictures, we’re all older and greyed, or should I say elegant and distinguished!

Hope you enjoy the pictures

Happy Holidays, Dr.T 🙂

P.S. I suggest you look at pics individually as opposed to a slide show, so you can see the captions