A message from the doctors:

There is no debate that the cesarean section rate in the United States is too high. At Volusia Ob/Gyn, we take pride having a primary section rate (those done on women who have never had a c-section) significantly below the national average. Our overall rate is right at the average across the US. We have done as much as we can to lower our rate without compromising safety of mothers or their children. We now feel that with the outstanding Florida Hospital labor nurses and staff, our physician staffing model, and our commendable anesthesia providers, we are ready to take the next step to lower the overall rate further. In an effort to do so, we will begin to advocate vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC).

We will discuss who is an appropriate candidate for VBAC with each patient as appropriate. Clearly, VBAC is not a risk-free undertaking, and the most important determinant in assessing who is a candidate for a trial of labor is individualizing our approach to each prospective candidate. If you have an interest in VBAC, feel free to bring it up at your next appointment. Your doctor can help you determine what your risks are, and what your likelihood of success is.
As always, we would like to remain at the forefront of medical management and practice without compromising the safety of both babies and their mothers. By reintroducing VBAC to our practice, we will continue to do so.

Your physicians at VOG 🙂