A well-woman exam is a preventive health care visit that focuses on the overall health of a woman. The purpose of this exam is to help maintain every woman’s health by catching any potential problems early. Most well-woman exams include screenings and tests for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and other diseases or conditions. This article will discuss an annual well-woman exam, what it includes, and why it is important for women of all ages.

What Can You Expect During a Well Woman Exam?

As we have already mentioned, this is a preventive health care visit that is typically recommended for all women. A women’s wellness exam aims to promote overall health and detect any potential health problems early on. 

Physical Exams as a Part of a Women’s Wellness Exam

A physical exam is a key component of a well-woman exam. During the physical exam, your doctor will check your overall health and may measure your weight and height. They will also examine your breasts, abdomen, and pelvic area for any abnormalities.

A Yearly Women’s Exam of The Pelvis

During an annual well-woman exam, your doctor will inspect your external genitalia and feel your abdomen to check for any abnormalities. This exam usually includes a pelvic exam. If you are sexually active, your doctor may also perform a Pap smear to test for cervical cancer. 

Gynecologist Exams: Pap Smears are Essential

A Pap smear is a common part of gynecological exams. This test is important as it can help detect cervical cancer. During a Pap smear, your doctor will collect a sample of cells from your cervix to test for abnormalities. It is performed by scraping the cells from your cervix with a wooden or plastic stick. 

Breast Exams Can Be Included Too

This women’s wellness exam may also include a breast exam. Your doctor will feel your breasts for any lumps or abnormalities during a breast exam. They may also order a mammogram if they feel that it is necessary. 

Yearly Women’s Exam: Routine Blood Tests

Some well-woman exams also include blood tests. Your doctor may order blood tests to check your cholesterol levels or to screen for other diseases or conditions.

Other tests and screenings that may be performed during an annual well-woman exam include: 

  • Blood pressure check 
  • Cholesterol test 
  • Diabetes test 
  • Thyroid function test 
  • Screening for STDs 

Why Is a Yearly Women’s Exam Important?

 Young MD Checking Senior Womans Blood Pressure With Stethoscope

Well-woman exams are important because they can help detect potential health problems early on. By catching diseases or conditions early, you can often get treatment before they become more serious. Well-woman exams are also important for maintaining overall health. Regular screenings and tests can help you stay on top of your health and make sure that no problems lurking need to be addressed.

Well-woman exams are recommended for all women, regardless of age. It is never too late to start getting regular preventive care. If you have not had a well-woman exam in a while, make an appointment with our women’s health specialists in Bradenton today.

How Often Should You Go to Gynecologist Exams?

Well-woman exams should be performed at least once a year. However, if you have any specific health concerns, your doctor may recommend more frequent exams. Talk to your doctor about what is right for you. 


A well-woman exam is an important preventive health care visit for all women. It includes screenings and tests for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and other diseases or conditions. By catching potential problems early, a well-woman exam can help maintain every woman’s health.

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