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Most women aren’t familiar with all the types of contraception available to them. For example, most aren’t sure what family planning is and don’t take advantage of the benefits it carries.

Monitoring and recording different fertility signals during a woman’s menstrual cycle is a method of contraception called natural family planning.

At Women’s Healthcare of Boca Raton, we offer a number of family planning services. Visit our premises to consult medical experts about the best contraceptive methods for yourself, and learn what options you have.

What Is Family Planning? A Few Facts.

Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children and the interval between births; it is a balance between the contraceptive and fertility needs of an individual patient or couple.

Family Planning encompasses multiple forms of contraception (IUDs, birth control, etc.) and fertility management is also an integral part of the medical expertise. The experts at our practice can refer our patients to fertility specialists, if needed, and they will oversee the bloodwork and a person’s case to determine their next steps and what they can be doing to help them reach their goals pertaining to family planning.

Family planning provides several services and treatments. As such, patients are encouraged to become more familiar about the various contraceptive and/or fertility treatments.

For starters, effective family planning involves following the contraception instructions to a tee. Otherwise, it may not work the way you’d want it to.

To familiarize yourself better with this method, you’d have to go through three to six menstrual cycles. Take this opportunity to keep a record of cycle length. The menstrual cycle is a repetitive cycle of follicle development, ovulation, and menstrual flow. Ovulation, release of the egg, occurs 14 days prior to each menstrual cycle. The egg is the target. Understanding this simple fact will guide a patient whether they are trying to get pregnant – hit the target, or whether they are trying to contracept and not hit the target. It is important to remember that the menstrual cycle and the signs and signals of fertility can change from time to time; they can be influenced by other factors such as stress, travel, and illness.

When you’re ovulating, make sure to use an additional protection. The most common options include diaphragm and condoms. Aside from unplanned pregnancy, the latter also protects against STDs.

What Is Family Planning, and How Does It Work?

With the help of family planning services, you’ll be able to plan or avoid pregnancy by identifying the signs of fertility. There are three basic signals of fertility you should keep an eye on while practicing family planning:

  • Possible changes in your body temperature
  • Your menstrual cycle and its length
  • Changes to the cervical mucus

Recording these measures together is the easiest way to get accurate results and keep track of all symptoms. There are apps you can download to help you save the information and analyze the signs.

Family planning encompasses a wide range of services, care and treatment options. To learn more about them, feel free to reach out to our practice and schedule a consultation with our experts.

Patient Feedback

“I originally found Dr Ellman based upon his wonderful reviews. His office is very clean & welcoming along with his wonderful staff. I had the pleasure of there midwife Ilona & Dr Ellman delivering my son a few weeks ago. Ilona was wonderful and even came to my hospital room a few times after I delivered my son. She really made it a special experience for my fiancé & I. They’ve always made me feel comfortable and reassured me during my pregnancy. I cant begin to thank them enough for making my pregnancy & delivery a wonderful experience.”

Skyler D.

“Doctor Ellman is the most caring OBGYN I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. I’ve had debilitating pain for many many years related to my period. Dr Ellman helped me find the cause and made a plan of treatment after many failed attempts. You can tell he cares for his patients and wants to do whatever he can to help and this applies to his staff as well. I’m thankful that I found Dr Ellman and his team.”

Tia L.

“I met Dr. Ellman in 2018 when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I was nervous and excited and the same time. Dr. Ellman explains the birthing process in the lamest of terms and I felt so comfortable with him. Anytime I had a question everyone was so helpful and the energy was so welcoming and the whole office is so knowledgeable. Best experience ever being a first time mom. Would recommend to everyone I know. I still to this day 4 years later use Dr. Ellman as my OBGYN.”

Alicia M.

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