Obstetrics is a field of medicine that deals with pregnancy and giving birth.  As an affiliate, Dr. Ellman performs all deliveries and obstetrical surgeries at West Boca Medical Center.  Our top priority is to make sure your baby is delivered in a safe, comforting environment.

Why choose our clinic for the birth of your child? Because we offer the following:

  • Experienced, compassionate Provider and medical staff

  • Friendly and professional care dedicated to each new mother, including early pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period

  • Warm, relaxing environment equipped with everything a mother needs

  • Modern birth methods, including epidural anesthesia and analgosedation

  • Access to fully-equipped neonatal unit at West Boca Medical Center – including incubators, phototherapy lamps, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc.

We are a family-oriented practice, taking special care of each new baby and its mother during the entire time they spend at our clinic. Every patient is granted a personal case management approach,

We adhere to the following principles: safety, comfort, highest quality medical care, respecting the privacy and needs of our patients. Our wish is for new mothers to feel as relaxed as they can during this turbulent, but rewarding period of their lives. We give our best to make the first contact with your new child filled with only pleasant memories since we know how special these moments can be for each new parent.

When are babies born?

In most cases, babies are born from the start of the 38th week up until the end of the 41st week of the gestation period. This would be the 10th lunar month or the 9th calendar month of pregnancy. Babies born before the 38th week are considered prematurely born, while those born after the 41st week fall under post-term pregnancy.

How are babies delivered?

Most babies are delivered naturally through the vagina, while some have to undergo the cesarean section (C-section) – a surgical procedure in which the doctor opens the belly of the mother to deliver the child. This method is only used when the baby cannot be born through the vagina, due to possible danger either to the mother or child.

Your first encounter with the newborn baby happens immediately after vaginal birth, while the C-section involves anesthesia, and the mother sees her child when she wakes up. A special kind of anesthesia can be administered if the mother wishes to stay awake during the C-section.

Mother Kissing Her Newborn Baby


OB/GYNs specialize in women’s health. “OB” stands for obstetrician obstetrics, while “GYN” stands for gynecologist or gynecology. So yes, an OB/GYN is indeed a gynecologist.

All obstatcricians are gyncologists, but not all gynocologists are obstatricians. However, most gynecologists are also obstetricians. Obstetrics refers to the specific branch of medicine that relates to all medical and surgical care that happens before, during, and after a woman gives birth. Obstetricians are responsible for the woman’s pre- and postpartum health. On the other hand, gynecologists care for women of all ages — whether or not a woman has conceived a child or given birth.

If you are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, you should schedule an appointment to meet with an obstetrician. If your current doctor is just a gynecologist (and not an obstetrician), you can ask them to refer you to an OB/GYN. Depending on your medical history and/or conditions (for example, if you have a family history of infertility, bleeding, or diabetes), your obstetrician may want to see you even earlier.


Patient Feedback

This is the most pleasant office to deal with. Everyone is nice and wants to make this a pleasant experience. The office is beautiful and spotless. Dr. Ellman is delivering my first grandchild and I am thrilled he is the one who will be there!


 Hands down the best doctor! I had a baby 5 1/2 months ago and it was such a pleasure going to my appointments. The staff becomes family and Dr. Ellman gives us such peace of mind during a precious time.


 Everyone in the office is so incredibly nice and welcoming. Dr. Ellman is kind, attentive, and explains everything so well! I feel very well taken care of every time I go there.


I’ve been coming to this office since 2018. The office staff is very helpful and friendly. I am always called to the back within 10 min of my appointment time. Dr.Ellman is such a great doctor! He explains everything in great detail and answers any questions I have thoroughly. You don’t feel like you’re being rushed at all like other doctors I have previously been to. Overall such a wonderful experience every time I go! Highly recommend


“Dr. Elleman is fabulous. He’s caring kind compassionate. My only regret is that I haven’t seen him since 2015, but sometimes life gets in the way of our plans. I was able to get in and see him on the spur of the moment due to a cancellation and I couldn’t be happier I know I’m in good hands. His staff is wonderful and Patti made me feel very comfortable relaying all my information to her on the phone. Love the staff and the very upbeat., brilliantly clean surroundings in this location as I had not seen this new location until yesterday. 👍”


“Dr. Ellman and his team are nothing short of amazing. I came in nervous and left out feeling like I was home. Everyone was gentle, kind, and very informative. The office has a family vibe and energy that ensures that you are safe and cared for. I was recommended by a friend and co-worker of mine and am so grateful. This is the office to go to that will ensure your safety as well as your baby’s safety. Thank you Dr. Ellman for your kindness and knowledge!”


I love Dr Ellman and his team! They delivered both my babies and I had tough pregnancies. He always takes great care of me and is an expert in his field!


Dr. Ellman and his staff are amazing! It always so nice to see the same friendly faces every time I come. I have a very demanding schedule and they ALWAYS accommodate me.


Dr Ellman has been great – he’s easy to talk to and has a great bed side manor. He was so caring and helpful through my breast cancer. Can’t thank him enough ♥️


Dr. David Ellman has been my Doctor for over 20 years. He delivered my first Granddaughter. He is an excellent Doctor and I would recommend him without hesitation. I am confident in his expertise and grateful for his compassion.


Dr.Ellman’s office is extremely clean and his staff are so nice!!! He explained in details everything I needed to know. Im definitely coming back.


I have been a patient of Dr Ellman for 15 years now, he is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor, always takes his time to explain things, very patient. His staff is also amazing, they actually know you! Can’t recommend enough.


Dr. Ellman is very professional and very knowledgeable! His staffs were very nice and friendly! I was extremely happy with my visit!


He birthed my little brother who is now 16, So i knew i would want to work with him for my daughters delivery. He did amazing and she is two now! Thank You to him and his office.


Excellent customer service great and friendly staff Office clean and well kept. Doctor very knowledgeable and rake timeout to explain procedure. Keep up the great job team.


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