Stress will not only affect you mentally, it can also have a serious impact on your emotional and physical health. While most people only understand the various ways stress can negatively affect your mental health, there are a number of ways this can manifest physically. Prolonged stress can lead to chronic pain, inflammation and further stress, which opens the door to a vicious stress cycle. ‏

‏The most common physical effects of stress are chest pain, insomnia, and stomach pain but can you get ‏ ‏hemorrhoids from stress‏? There is a link between ‏‏hemorrhoids and stress‏, and in this article we will explore how stress can cause hemorrhoids. ‏

Stress And The Body‏

‏Stress is part of the body’s survival mechanism. When you are stressed, you will notice an elevated heart rate and your respiratory rates will increase as well. Basically, you will be on high alert, ready to defend yourself or flee. This is a good response. The problems only begin when the stress response is sustained. Chronic and unending stress occurs when stress is denied an outlet.‏

‏If you have seen a stressed animal before, you might have noticed how it exhibits signs of excess energy. It will often run, jump, or make a lot of noise. This is a natural response, and it results from a spike in the blood levels of adrenaline. Unfortunately, in this world, a lot of people will not respond similarly to the flood of adrenaline in their bodies. This will ‏harm the body‏ and affect a lot of its basic processes. ‏

‏Stress can affect the circulatory and nervous systems, leading to a variety of health conditions. However, what most people don’t know is that it can also affect the digestive system. It can lead to either an overactive digestive system, which manifests as stomach cramps and diarrhea, or an underactive digestive system which leads to issues like constipation. Extended periods of constipation, which is why there is a connection between ‏ ‏hemorrhoids and stress‏. This answers the question of where you can get ‏ ‏hemorrhoids from stress‏. If you are stressed and you start getting some of the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids, be sure to check out a ‏ ‏hemorrhoid doctor in Palm Beach County.

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‏What Are Hemorrhoids‏

‏A hemorrhoid is the term used when describing an inflamed blood vessel close to or on the opening of the anus. This occurs as a result of prolonged pushing or ‏strained bowel‏movements. This is the same phenomenon that leads to the development of varicose veins when people stand for long periods of time. Hemorrhoids can also develop when the sphincter muscles at the end of the alimentary canal are engaged for longer than normal periods. This will place the area under pressure, which leads to inflammation.‏

‏The very first sign of hemorrhoids is pain during bowel movements. The pain can range from mild to extreme depending on the level of inflammation. It also depends on the severity of the condition and the level to which the person experiencing them can tolerate pain. Regardless of how painful they are, hemorrhoids can cause burning, itching and you might notice some blood streaking on your stool. Now let’s move on and check if you can get ‏ ‏hemorrhoids from stress‏ ‏. ‏

‏Does Stress Cause Hemorrhoids?‏

‏You might find yourself wondering, “‏how does stress cause hemorrhoids‏?”. Stress does not cause hemorrhoids directly. Instead, it can cause bowel stress, which will then lead to hemorrhoids. Stress also causes ‏constipationand if it’s prolonged, you end up getting hard-to-pass stool which can cause straining during bowel movements. The best way to keep hemorrhoids away is to keep your bowel movements steady. You can also get in touch with a ‏ ‏hemorrhoid doctor to find out more about hemorrhoids. ‏

‏Hemorrhoid Treatment and Stressors

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‏Now that we have addressed the question, “how ‏ ‏does stress cause hemorrhoids‏?”, let’s start looking at ways to deal with stress induced hemorrhoids. As is the case with all conditions that are caused by stress, the first step in treating stress induced hemorrhoids is to deal with the stressors. This is not always possible but then it is the most effective approach. There are boundaries that can be set to alleviate stressful situations and conditions. ‏

‏Another way to deal with stress is through therapy. This will help you deal with ‏hemorrhoids and stress‏. A therapist can help you to come up with some effective stress management routines. Rather than ending up engaging in some unhealthy routines and habits like alcoholism, consider seeing a therapist first. Some of these habits might compromise your health further. ‏

‏Once you have dealt with the stress, you can then move on to the actual hemorrhoids. If you are experiencing constant constipation, consider improving your diet. One good trick is to increase your ‏intake of fiber‏. You should also eat more fruits and vegetables. This will have a good effect on your digestion and will help you have softer stools. You should also increase the amount of water you drink. This is an important practice when you are dealing with hemorrhoids. If you are dehydrated all the time, it’s highly likely that you will produce difficult-to-pass stool.‏

‏There are also topical creams that you can use to ease inflammation. Some experts recommend warm baths and careful cleaning as well. If you are experiencing too much pain, consider taking some over-the-counter medications. For effective ways of dealing with hemorrhoids, contact a ‏ ‏hemorrhoid doctor.‏ ‏ ‏

‏There are a lot of stress reduction efforts that can help you improve your bowel movements and deal with ‏ ‏stress induced hemorrhoids‏. These include the following:‏

‏Get active – Exercise and physical activity are often effective at relieving stress. Physical activity boosts your feel-good endorphins, and it shifts your mind to your body’s movements. This will help improve your mood and distract you from what might be stressing you. If you are not a fan of hard-core exercises, consider jogging, gardening and even house cleaning. These are all things that can get you active and help to relieve stress. ‏

‏Meditate – As you meditate, you shift your focus from the negative and stressful thoughts that will be crowding your mind. Meditating brings about peace and a profound sense of calm. This will greatly benefit your health and your emotional well-being and help you keep ‏ ‏stress induced hemorrhoids‏ at bay. ‏

‏Laugh – This is another good way to relieve stress and relieve ‏ ‏stress induced hemorrhoids‏ ‏. Sometimes you actually have to force a laugh if the situation is too bad. This might seem a bit dramatic but it can cause a significant physical change in your body. You can read some jokes, or watch a good standup comedy. Hanging out with your friends is another way to get a good laugh. ‏

‏Get some sleep – When you are stressed, your sleep will suffer. Sleep is very important as it allows your body and brain some time to recharge. If you get a good amount of sleep, your mood can improve, so can your concentration and focus. ‏

‏Seeking counsel: If you are stressed to the extent that your ability to cope is challenged, consider going for counseling. This is a good idea if the stress is making you feel trapped or if you are having suicidal thoughts. Professional counselors may assist you to identify the source of stress and recommend some coping tools. ‏

‏A lot of adults have had hemorrhoids at some point in life. This is a condition that’s usually painful, which causes a lot of discomfort. If you are struggling with hemorrhoids, or if you have additional tips that you want to give, feel free to comment below and leave your opinion.‏