The summer days are slowly coming to an end. With the end of one season comes the beginning of another, the school year! Children everywhere are getting prepared to go back to the classroom. However, a lot of that preparation falls onto parents as well. August is a great time to put a plan in action that makes your child feel prepared for the school year ahead.

Get Your Child Prepared For The School Year

There is no reason to feel unprepared when the first day of school is here. Take the time now to get you and your child confident about the new classroom. At Carithers Pediatric Group, we know a change like this can be overwhelming for a child. These tips can prevent that before ever going through unnecessary stress.

Read Books About School

When your child feels like they know more about a situation, they can gain confidence. Books about school are a great way of showcasing problems and environments that they may face. So many books, from fiction to nonfiction, give you the chance to share more than the child has ever known.

Scholastic created a list of books to help prepare Pre-K and Kindergarteners for school. This is often the first age children begin school, so it can be impactful for them to hear what this will look like.

Spend Time Back-To-School Shopping

Getting your child excited about going to school could be as simple as a new buy. A quick trip back-to-school shopping gives them something unique they will look forward to using in the classroom. Pens, pencils, notebooks, and even a pencil case can transform their levels of eagerness to put those products to use.

Ask Your Child How They Are Feeling

Sometimes you may not realize how your child honestly feels about returning to school. You can confront their biggest fears hands-on by taking the time to talk to them about them. This also lets them know they can speak with you throughout the school year if any issue arises.

Verywell Family discusses the importance of helping your child give emotions a name. Their feelings about school may not be the ones they have encountered before. By providing them insight into the normalcy of emotions, they can feel better about not knowing exactly how to feel.

Take Visits To The School

Just because it is summer does not mean you can’t take a drive to see the school. Showing your child where they will be going daily can help them feel more comfortable. They can see the doors they’ll be walking through and the different classrooms they’ll be walking by. You can even establish where you will drop them off and pick them up daily, so they know you will always come back.

Create A Routine Before The First Day

Getting your child ready to go in the morning can be one of the most challenging parts of the day. Before the school year starts, create a routine they will know to follow even when school is not in session. If your child wears a uniform, that can be set out the day before. Otherwise, create the intention that your child will have to decide on an outfit the night before. Even just this step can save you valuable time in the morning.

The new school year is such an exciting time for children. By making them comfortable from the very beginning, they can embrace the change and start to learn new things. These tips are easy to incorporate into your last few weeks of summer to ensure they are off to a great start. Are you looking for a final check-up before the school year starts? Carithers Pediatric Group is here to help you schedule an appointment. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.