Patient Portal

Click here to log in to your Carithers Pediatric Patient Portal

Creating Patient Portal Family Accounts

Click on the link below to learn how to register your family for the Patient Portal.

Follow My Health Proxy Registration Walk- Through

(Enables a family to use one login ID and password to access all of their family accounts within the Patient Portal)

Logging into The Carithers Pediatric Group Patient Portal

Logging into the Patient Portal requires you to enter your unique user ID and password. Your login credentials guarantee that your communications with your doctor, nurse, and other healthcare professionals will be secure and confidential.

1. At the top of this page, click the Patient Portal link. Your secure My Patient Page displays in a web browser window.
2. Next, do one of the following actions:

  • If you already have an account, enter your User ID and password and click the Login.
  • If you do not already have an account you must receive an email invitation from The Carithers Pediatric Group to join. In that invitation there will be a link to the Create an Account portal page. Please call our office at (904) 387-6200 Ext. 0 if you have not completed a portal registration card. Ask to speak to someone in regards to setting up your child’s portal account.
  • If you have forgotten your user ID, click the Forgot Your User ID? Link.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password? link.

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