General Information for Patients

As an established patient, Carithers has given you access to the Patient Portal. We encourage you to utilize this feature for patients to request appointments, refill prescriptions, and keep patient history up to date.

Our frequently referenced Telephone Advice Book, previously called “What to do before you call the doctor”, is available on our website. You can find answers to many of your questions and health care concerns here. Our Newborn Book is also available for those special first days and weeks when you are getting to know the little one that has blessed your life. Hard copies of these books are available at our offices as well. Feel free to request one! Also, enjoy our Dosage Calculator on the home page of our website for those doses of fever reducers that you cannot find on the bottles!

If you have questions about specific services or special visits (such as Asthma, ADHD, or Obesity), please go to our Services section from the home page. For a copy of those informative anticipatory guidance sheets you receive at every checkup, go to the well visit section under Patient Forms. They have the age specific tips for diet, development and other useful information. The developmental screens we use at certain age groups are also on this page.