Emerging Adults

Welcome to Adulthood!

(Ages 18 & Up)

You are legally recognized as an adult in many areas of life, including healthcare. Your parents have worked hard to create confidence and a sense of independence in you which you will now be challenged to exercise responsibly.

Some of your legal rights include:

1. Voting! Make sure you register and take advantage of this freedom.
2. Serve jury duty.
3. Register for the military draft (men).
4. Apply for credit in your own name (credit cards, signing contracts, etc).
5. Live independently, work and pay your own bills.
6. Make your own medical decisions. Take ownership of your healthcare.

  • Make your own appointments. Bring insurance cards and copays.
  • Discuss your healthcare with your physician confidentially. Partner with your doctor on medical decision making.
  • Follow through with any labs ordered, referrals made, or medications prescribed.
  • Plan for your healthcare needs to be met in the future as you transfer to an adult doctor (by 22 years old).
  • If desired, sign a consent form for your parents to be involved with the above responsibilities. This is a special HIPPA consent that we will provide at the front desk.

Important healthcare conversations to have:

With your parents, discuss your current and future health insurance coverage. Seek their advice on adult health care choices (family practice, internal medicine). Discuss the role you will be assuming in your healthcare and the role you wish them to assume.
With your provider discuss your current medical problems. Grow in your understanding of them and the treatment involved. Take ownership of preventative measures discussed for your overall well-being. Review your immunization status to make sure it is complete before going off to college, the military, or the workforce.

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