While the thought of presents and incredible food is enough to make any child’s mouth water, the end of the year holds a lot of time off school to consider. The holiday season can be overwhelming for children. From attending events to spending time with family and friends they may not see as often, they can feel like everything is busy and hectic.

When children get tired, they can start to have a shift in their mood. Whether they become cranky and irritable or look for alone time, being prepared for this can help you in the long run. At Carithers Pediatric Group, we know the holidays affect the whole family. We share how we’ve learned that children can navigate the holidays safely and happily.

Navigate The Holidays With Your Children

Assign Them Jobs And Tasks

Children like to feel capable of contributing to tasks on hand. This is even easier when you plan jobs perfect for their age and capabilities. If you are cooking many large meals, you can find the recipe or section of the preparation that suits your child’s skills best. They can feel like they are making a large contribution and learning new skills simultaneously!

Make Sure They’re Aware Of Upcoming Guests

Children do not always know everyone involved when relatives and friends are invited to events during the holiday season. Giving them a heads-up about who will be there can make them feel more comfortable. If it is someone they have not met before, you can give them background on who the person is and how you know them to avoid the child feeling nervous about being around them.

Keep Routines Consistent

When your child is out of school, keeping them in a consistent routine can seem impossible. That is why preparing this before they get out can keep them busy and happy during the holidays. You may plan a trip or even specific play dates that they do not usually get to have during the school year. All of these things will help your child understand that, even in the holiday season, they can expect structure.

Give Them Time To Relax

The school year is tough on everyone, especially the kids. Now that they can take a break from the long days of classes and homework, they can get caught up on necessary sleep. While they should still be staying busy with educational activities, they can also just spend time relaxing. It can be an excellent time for them to come to terms with how their overall well-being is presenting. They can even sleep in later if that is something that works with their schedule!

Let Them Give Ideas

Your children may have creative ideas of what they want the holidays to look like for them. They may have a favorite craft or even a new game that would be the perfect addition to your celebrations. When your child has the chance to give their own ideas, they or feels more like a part of the event.

Navigate the holidays with your children in a way that will keep them interested. They can quickly start to feel overwhelmed in new situations. You can make this change easy, and then they can spend their time enjoying it rather than feeling stressed. Do you want more ideas on making these holidays a time your children will remember fondly? Our team at Carithers Pediatric Group can help you find the methods that match your child best. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.