Newborn Book

Instructions for Newborn Care

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Congratulations! You are now embarking on one of the most exciting times in your lives. We want your baby to bring you a lifetime of happiness, starting now. So enjoy him or her. Don’t be afraid to hold your baby, cuddle your baby, or play with your baby.

Expect some crying and a few rough periods during the first few weeks of life. Most newborn babies have one restless period every 24 hours. This is usually during the late afternoon or early evening hours. Changing positions, changing the diaper, holding the baby for brief intervals, offering extra feedings, or white noise- all of these may help to ease the baby over this distressing, but not serious period.

No two babies are exactly alike. Therefore, baby books and printed instructions should be used as general guides only and not followed too closely. We can help you sort out the more important from the less important points in these manuals. Do not hesitate to ask questions during your well-baby check-ups or to call the phone nurses for advice. Carithers offers a concise guide on newborn issues to help guide you through. Please click on the above link.

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