Pediatric Ear Piercing in Jacksonville, FL

Pediatric Ear Piercing in Jacksonville Fla for Babies & Kids

At this time we are not offering ear piercing due to limited appointment space with the increased volume of sick children. We hope to resume this service in the first months of 2022.

What Can Make Ear Piercing Less Painful for My Child?

Most parents bringing their children to get their ears pierced are worried about the pain their child can experience. The numbing cream that is applied before the visit can help reduce some of the pain for your child. This cream is a topical anesthetic that is applied to the earlobes and helps numb the earlobes to diminish pain. Applying ice on the earlobes within 30 minutes of your visit can also help dull some of the pain.

Safest Earrings

Anytime you are piercing the skin on a younger child, there is always the risk of infection or reaction. At Carithers, we use medical-grade titanium studs for your child. These earrings are the best choice due to non-allergenic properties. Many earrings contain nickel which can cause an allergic reaction. Medical grade titanium is 99 % nickel-free. Our titanium studs have also been sterilized to help prevent bacterial infections.

Caring for Ears after the Piercing

After your child has had their ears pierced, proper care is very important in warding off infection. As young children are growing, their immune system is still developing and any open cut can present vulnerability to a child’s immune system. At your visit, we will go over any post-piercing care that will help prevent infection and promote healing. Swelling, drainage, redness, pain, itching, and tenderness can be symptoms of infection or allergic reaction in your child’s ears. Contact us if these symptoms are noticed so we can determine the cause of the condition and how to address it.

Carithers Cares for your Child

We realize that your child’s health is your first priority. At Carithers, we make that our priority as well. We are dedicated to providing quality medical piercing services for your child. For more information, contact us at our two Jacksonville, FL office locations.

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