Singing the Blues? Facts about teen depression

Is it common?

More common than you think! Studies show that at least 8% of teens will have a period of depression during their adolescent years. The average amount of time that it lasts is about 9 months, with 90% of cases being resolved within 2 years. It can recur as well.

Am I at risk?

Anyone can go through an episode of depression, but there are some things that put an individual at greater risk. These include:

  • Having a chronic illness
  • Having problems with anxiety or ADD
  • Significant struggling in school, family, or friendships
  • Family history of depression in a first degree relative.

How does it look?

Most people think of depression as feeling very sad and crying a lot. While this can certainly be true, it may also manifest in other ways. Depression can show itself with unusual irritability, sleep changes (insomnia/restlessness or excessive sleep), eating changes (no appetite or binging), trouble concentrating, feelings of worthlessness, or lack of interest in things you used to enjoy. If this is starting to sound like you, please download the questionnaire below and bring it to an appointment with your favorite doctor at Carithers.


When is it an emergency?

If you are having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else, this is an emergency. Tell a parent or trusted adult (if you are not at home) and have them seek immediate medical attention. If you are alone, call 911 and they can help you get help right away.

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