Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery is a form of margin-controlled surgery that is used to treat various types of skin cancer. Goals of the procedure are to spare normal tissue during removal of the lesion in order to minimize wound size. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, in the office, under local anesthesia. The patient leaves the office knowing that the entire lesion has been removed successfully. Mohs surgery cure rates average 98-99%.

If you suspect you have a mole or skin lesion that may be cancerous, call our office today to make an appointment to have a thorough skin examination.

Healthy, good-looking skin is a sign of general well-being, but also the result of regular care and maintenance.

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Patient Feedback

“Dr. Bridges is an excellent dermatologist and my family has been seeing him for years, starting with my two sons during puberty for acne which I believe saved their skin from scarring, my husband for skin tags and now myself for cherry angioma removal, rosacea and other skin concerns. Dr. Bridges quickly gets to the root of the problem and offers solutions that work without all of the run around with procedures that don’t work. I highly recommend Dr. Bridges!”

Irene H.

“Thorough examination and efficient removal of possible skin problem without any pain. Very satisfied.”

Robert A.

“Dr. Bridges was great! He was kind, professional, listened and answered all our questions. Definitely would recommend!”

Michelle S.