Having a chronic condition may be overwhelming and so very often patients can be struggling trying to keep up with their problems. Who is tracking medications?, who is adjusting doses?, who is following with specialists? and so forth. Having an Internal Medicine physician who can orchestrate all your management can help you navigate healthcare easier and release your worries.

During Pandemic times or National Catastrophes the management of Chronic conditions is at risk of being neglected because all the efforts usually shift towards the Emergency support. The routine care of the Chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, Coronary Artery disease etc is important regardless of circumstance. Also it is crucial to have all of these conditions well controlled because the complications and outcomes of getting acute infections is usually worse if the underlying chronic conditions are not under control. Taking responsibility for your health and working closer with your Internist is the best way to keep yourself healthy, active and with good quality of life


“I have an appointment today with doctor Fonseca. She’s an excellent doctor, very kind and professional and she explained everything about my condition. I am going to change the family doctor I have for many years with doctor Fonseca. She really cares about the patients. So happy I will recommend her with all my friends and family. Thank you”

Kelly, patient

“She really listens to the patient’s concerns and answers all questions. She’s very caring and professional”

Jane, patient

“Loved seeing Dr. Fonseca this morning! She was very kind and professional. She also has an EKG machine in the office and did that for me within minutes. Will definitely return!”

Madison, patient

“She is absolutely nice, she really cares about you and your health, she has the perfect time to talk to you, she is never on a rush. Highly recommended if you like to be treated well.”

Maria, patient

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