Internal Medicine sPECIALIST Services

We are dedicated to promote the health of all patients, but especially those afflicted by Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, osteoporosis, COPD, asthma, Coronary Artery disease, dyslipidemia, and in general any chronic medical condition affecting adult population. We offer a comprehensive clinical approach to obesity treatment involving nutrition, physical activity, behavior and medication. This also includes nutrition coaching to the general population, or nutrition coaching tailored for the needs of specific medical conditions. Dr. Fonseca-Ortiz also supports the health of her patients by promoting, protecting and maintaining health and well being during preventive visits.

The primary services we provide are:

1. Well Visits and Physicals – Yearly appointments with your Internal Medicine physician to create or update a personalized prevention plan which may prevent illness based on your health and current risk factors.
2. Short term conditions
3. Chronic conditions
4. Obesity Management – We use a comprehensive, scientific and individualized approach to treat obesity and to help patients achieve their weight and health goals.
5. Nutrition and Exercise – We will teach you in regards the different macronutrients and nutritional benefits from each alimentary group and by evaluating your current health condition we will recommend a dietary and exercise plan and to achieve your health goals.


“I have an appointment today with doctor Fonseca. She’s an excellent doctor, very kind and professional and she explained everything about my condition. I am going to change the family doctor I have for many years with doctor Fonseca. She really cares about the patients. So happy I will recommend her with all my friends and family. Thank you”

Kelly, patient

“She really listens to the patient’s concerns and answers all questions. She’s very caring and professional”

Jane, patient

“Loved seeing Dr. Fonseca this morning! She was very kind and professional. She also has an EKG machine in the office and did that for me within minutes. Will definitely return!”

Madison, patient

“She is absolutely nice, she really cares about you and your health, she has the perfect time to talk to you, she is never on a rush. Highly recommended if you like to be treated well.”

Maria, patient

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