Sometimes minor acute problems arise and although occasionally patients can deal with them on their own sometimes the experience and skills of a physician can help to avoid complications and promote faster healing of acute conditions. We are here to help!


“I have an appointment today with doctor Fonseca. She’s an excellent doctor, very kind and professional and she explained everything about my condition. I am going to change the family doctor I have for many years with doctor Fonseca. She really cares about the patients. So happy I will recommend her with all my friends and family. Thank you”

Kelly, patient

“She really listens to the patient’s concerns and answers all questions. She’s very caring and professional”

Jane, patient

“Loved seeing Dr. Fonseca this morning! She was very kind and professional. She also has an EKG machine in the office and did that for me within minutes. Will definitely return!”

Madison, patient

“She is absolutely nice, she really cares about you and your health, she has the perfect time to talk to you, she is never on a rush. Highly recommended if you like to be treated well.”

Maria, patient

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