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Compassionate Health Care
For The Female Patient

We provide a warm, caring environment for women of all ages to take care of their health. From traditional OB/GYN services to newer, aesthetic procedures, we are able to support all of your needs.

Our Services

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Expecting parents also want to know their obstetrician supports their chosen delivery method. Dr. Gladys Dupuy at Orchid OB/GYN follows a natural childbirth philosophy that honors your birth preference, and you can rely on her many years of obstetric experience to deliver your child safely.


Birth Control

Dr. Gladys Dupuy at Orchid OB/GYN offers compassionate guidance to teens and adults, teaches the pros and cons of different birth control methods, and provides diverse contraceptive options.

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Pap Smear

Dr. Gladys Dupuy at Orchid OB/GYN encourages women to protect their health with routine Pap smears because cervical cancer is highly treatable when found at an early stage.

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Beginning in your teens and continuing through all stages of life, routine gynecological exams form the foundation you need to maintain optimal health.

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STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) represent a significant health concern, as the incidence of three types of STDs — chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis — rose to an all-time high in 2016.

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Ultrasounds offer a safe way to track her baby’s growth and produce the first images of her child. It’s also an essential tool for diagnosing gynecological health problems.

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In addition to more traditional gynecological and obstetrical sertices, Dr. Dupuy offers a number of Aesthetic Services to support patients goals to improve their appearance, and how they feel about themselves.

Patient Feedback


“I Love Dr Dupuy! She is the best OB/GYN ever! She takes her time and keep you informed and she has confidence in any situation.”


“I love Dr. Dupuy she makes me feel comfortable in each of my visits. The staff are so friendly as well. I’m very forgetful about appointment dates and times, so I love that I get a text to remind me of them.”


“I had great experience… Best OB visit thus far!!! The doctor was very professional and super friendly….she carefully listened to all my concerns and gave me great advice… she made me feel comfortable.”

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