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Birth Control Specialist

Choosing the best form of birth control for your lifestyle and future family plans requires reliable information and trusted medical care. Dr. Gladys Dupuy at Orchid OB/GYN offers compassionate guidance to teens and adults, teaches the pros and cons of different birth control methods, and provides diverse contraceptive options. When you need birth control, call the office in Miramar, Florida or book an appointment online.


Before you choose a method of birth control, Dr. Dupuy reviews your medical history and performs a pelvic exam. These basic steps are essential to determine whether you should avoid a particular type of contraceptive due to underlying health problems.

It’s also important to consider your age and when you may want to have children because these factor into deciding which contraceptive is best for you.

Dr. Dupuy explains the benefits and risks of the contraceptives you’re considering, answers your questions, and provides the birth control you choose.

The effectiveness of each birth control method is often one of the first pieces of information women seek. This list provides a quick summary of effectiveness:

  • Sterilization (tubal ligation or occlusion): Nearly 100% effective
  • Intrauterine device (IUD): Nearly 100% effective
  • Hormone implant: 99% effective
  • Hormones (pills, injection, pellets, ring, or patch): 91-94% effective
  • Diaphragm: 88% effective
  • Male condoms: 82% effective
  • Female condoms: 79% effective
  • Sponge: 76-88% effective

You can improve the effectiveness of methods like the diaphragm and condoms by consistently using them every time you have sex. Birth control pills can be 99% effective, but the overall rate is lower because you can become pregnant if you forget to take a pill.

You can choose from two types of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC): IUDs and implants. Dr. Dupuy inserts and removes both LARCs, which are safe for women of all ages and for those who should avoid estrogen.

LARC methods are popular because they do precisely what their name suggests:

IUDs and implantable contraceptives such as Nexplanon are inserted once, and then continuously prevent pregnancy for years.

IUDs are inserted into your uterus and last 3-10 years, depending on the type of IUD.

Implants are placed under the skin of your upper arm, where they provide continuous protection for three years.

Even though LARCs are long lasting, Dr. Dupuy can easily remove them at any time. They’re also fully reversible, which means you can become pregnant as soon as she removes them.

Whether you have questions about birth control, or you’d like to talk with Dr. Dupuy about how to ensure you’re in optimal health for planning a pregnancy, call or book an appointment online.

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“I Love Dr Dupuy! She is the best OB/GYN ever! She takes her time and keep you informed and she has confidence in any situation.”


“I love Dr. Dupuy she makes me feel comfortable in each of my visits. The staff are so friendly as well. I’m very forgetful about appointment dates and times, so I love that I get a text to remind me of them.”


“I had great experience… Best OB visit thus far!!! The doctor was very professional and super friendly….she carefully listened to all my concerns and gave me great advice… she made me feel comfortable.”

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