Dr. Pablo Uribasterra
My experiences with Dr. Pablo have all been above my expectations. A 4 star rating is cutting him short of the 10 stars he deserves. His bedside manner is unsurpassed in giving me the comfort of truly knowing that I am in caring and capable hands. Whether the birth of my son in 2001, or several procedures and surgeries that followed, I have always been satisfied. I can only feel fortunate to have landed in his care. I can recommend him to any woman without hesitation, and know that it is a blessing to have access to his talents. A true and caring healer.

Dr. Carlos Sarduy
He (Dr. Sarduy) makes you feel very comfortable, listens to what you have to say or whatever concerns you have, he takes his time with you and is not in a rush. I’ve been going to him for years and I will definitely recommend him. He is the best.

Dr. Carlos Sarduy
Yes he saved my live 18 years ago when I had my daughter. I had and abrupted placenta and almost died. i was in ICU 9 days. he is amazing. He has been my doctor for 18 years. Won’t change.

Dr. Pablo Uribasterra
Dr. Uribasterra is a phenomenal Dr!! He is the nicest, most thorough and patient provider I have ever had in my life!! I had concerns about my inability to get pregnant after my first baby and he took the time to explain the possibilities and options, something my last OBGYN did not do. He really makes you feel comfortable and like you have know each other for years!! I will not be going anywhere anytime soon!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! !

Dr. Carlos Sarduy
Even though I don’t always enjoy the reasons I have to come to Femlife, from the moment you walk in the door, the atmosphere is relaxed, the staff have a great, upbeat energy and it takes the stress out of the situation or the anticipation of the appointment/exam. Dr. Sarduy was recommended to me by a friend about 9 years ago and to this day is still my doctor. I continue to recommend him to friends, coworkers, etc. that are looking for an OB/Gyn.

Dr. Pablo Uribasterra
Dr. Pablo has delivered both my children. My wife absolutely loves him and as her husband I found him to be incredibly sensitive to our concerns and wishes regarding her pregnancy and child birth! His facility is truly state of the art, and the hospital is VERY family friendly. He put us at ease at every turn. He inspires confidence and has a bedside manner that is second to none!

Signature Women’s Health
Let me tell you that I simply love Dr. Pablo and his partner Dr. Sarduy. They moved their office away from me, but I will follow them wherever they go. Their professionalism is awesome! I go there and my daughter is having her child with him next Tuesday.

Dr. Pablo Uribasterra
Dr. Pablo Uribasterra is the nicest OB/GYN that I have gone to, he listens to all of your questions very intently and makes you feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend him to every woman. The staff was very friendly and warm. If you are tired of rude, arrogant doctors, you have to go to Dr. Pablo. He will renew your faith in the medical profession; no megalomaniacal, God-complex here, just a very nice humble human being. Thank you Dr. Uribasterra for being so human and kind. You have renewed my faith in doctors.

Dr. Carlos Sarduy
Life and Loving Care. The words in print wouldn’t ever be enough to express my level of sincerity and gratitude for the precious life I ha€™ve entrusted in the hands of this Doctor. I was in my twenties, young, scared, confused, only later to find out I was in an extremely high risk pregnancy. Dr.Sarduy gave every ounce of professional expert consultation and medically necessary treatment that could be offered me to preserve my opportunity of conception, birth and delivery keep any future chances of having children. In later years, Dr.Sarduy offered me his recommendations for treatment. They proved to be successful, and I in fact gave birth in my late twenties to my additional children under Dr.Sarduy’s loving care. Dr.Sarduy is a kind individual, who truly cares about the complete well being of his patients no matter how many patients he has. Dr.Sarduy allows you to entrust him with his professional knowledge and undeniably charismatic personality, ease and understanding with the most valued possession you could ever possess..the life of a child.

Dr. Carlos Sarduy
Dr. Sarduy is great, very knowledgable and has a huge sense of humor. That’s great for pregnant women because it kind of takes your mind off of the delivery, which made me sooo nervous! Thumbs up for Sarduy.

Dr. Pablo Uribasterra
After having an excellent OB/Gyn for years, he retired and I was so concerned to find a doctor at least as good as my old one; well Dr. Pablo has exceeded my expectations. He is truly an amazing doctor, always giving his patients the time we need, gentle, knowledgeable, friendly and many more qualities I dont have enough space to mention here. I even took my teen daughter and of course she was so concerned with a “guy” ob-gyn..that was until she met him, he got her trust in 5 seconds!! I recommend him to anybody in need of a wonderful Ob/Gyn ;))

Patient Feedback

“Dr. Pablo is always a professional. Extremely caring, extremely thorough. Hands down my favorite healthcare provider. He truly is a Healer, office staff is very pleasant never a long wait.”

Star R.

“Recently had my first appointment as a new patient. Needed a practice closer to home and this one was recommended by a friend. Saw Sarduy and was very happy with him. Very friendly and made the exam quick and easy.”

Aubrey S.

“Dr. Pablo is the absolute most amazing doctor! Always makes you feel that you are his only patient. He truly provides patient-family-centered care. He makes time for your concerns, questions, feedback and always follows up. Dr. Pablo is very professional, kind, and advocate for women’s health”

Carla E.

“Dr. Sarduy is an amazing physician who truly cares for his patients. He is incredibly knowledgeable and he makes you feel at ease. The office in Miami Lakes is my favorite. Staff is friendly and have been with him for many years.”

Barbie M.

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