Types of Mastectomy

March 19th, 2024|Mastectomy|

Mastectomy-the word alone can evoke intense emotions, especially for those who have experienced or heard about cancer encounters. Behind these feelings is an understanding that this surgical procedure goes beyond removing one or both breasts. It provides millions of individuals a fighting chance against a life-threatening disease. Mastectomy is primarily a countermeasure for breast cancer, [...]

Mastectomy – Why It’s Done & Options for Breast Reconstruction

August 4th, 2023|Mastectomy|

Mastectomy can be defined as a surgical intervention to remove all or only some of the breast tissue; most commonly used in breast cancer cases, mastectomy can help prevent and treat cancer. Patients with breast cancer will always have to undergo surgery as a part of the treatment process. Additionally, patients with a high risk [...]

What Are the Benefits of Skin Sparing Mastectomy?

March 5th, 2021|Mastectomy|

Today’s mastectomy is often different from what you might expect.  We perform breast surgery in Palm Beach County that includes options such as skinsparing mastectomy. You are probably wondering, “What is skin sparing mastectomy?” and “Is it a good option for me?” This surgical procedure is a preferred option for many women who need to [...]

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