Nowadays, the presents that children ask for during the holiday season are often centered around electronics. While some of these are great options for development and learning, it can be hard to remember that there are also non-electronic presents your children will love. That is why we are here to share our favorite options for your children to enjoy. You may even find your child’s new favorite present in this list!

At Carithers Pediatric Group, we have spent years seeing toys come and go that make an impact on a child’s life. This compilation of presents can get you started or finish your holiday shopping early.

Non-Electronic Toys For Your Child This Year


There are many puzzles to choose from, and they are usually classified by age to prevent choking hazards and frustration. With this variety, you can ensure you are getting a gift that fits your child’s interests and abilities. A puzzle allows your child to understand various shapes and match them to the correct space and other educational themes like color, animal, and alphabet recognition. They foster problem-solving and the development of fine motor coordination, all while using a new toy.


Books are never an overrated gift for your toddler! With the creativity of the publishing industry, there are many opportunities to find books with contents that excite your child. It sets up good quality time with you as well as develops a skill that they can do on their own in the future. Toddlers and preschoolers are imaginative in their thinking and books spark this creative thinking. The gift of loving books and loving to learn is one that is invaluable and lifelong.


There are many options for toddler-sized instruments that could create a long-standing hobby for your child. Toddlers love music in general and you may discover a natural inclination and talent along the way.

Play Sets

With their budding imaginations, children enjoy play settings where they imagine they are a teacher, doctor, astronaut, and even chef. Quite often this opens up their intellect to better understand the world around them, peaking their interests and even calming fears (like the doctor/dentist sets!)

Let’s move outside!

Wagons, small scooters, tricycles and small bikes with training wheels are wonderful tools to enjoy the outdoors and work on gross motor skills, especially balance and alternating coordination. Resist the motorized vehicles and help them learn the importance of engaging their bodies in exercise and outdoor fun.

Get your child off the tablet and into a new hobby! Their minds and bodies crave movement, activity, and imagination. Are you interested in learning more about child development and the impact of electronics? Our team at Carithers Pediatric Group is happy to take the time to discuss this with you. Check out our website or give us a call for more information.