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Does Hysterectomy Cause Weight Gain?


While most women don't find hysterectomy recovery challenging, some may be wondering, "does a hysterectomy cause weight gain?". If you're one of these women who struggle with the thought of hysterectomy and weight gain, this article is perfect for you. You'll gain insight into how to have a seamless hysterectomy recovery and manage hysterectomy and [...]

Does Hysterectomy Cause Weight Gain?2022-04-12T07:50:05+00:00

4 Things You Should Know About Uterine Fibroids


Fibroids and pregnancy are a recipe for trouble; did you know that fibroids can cause issues with the baby's development or labor complications? No? Well, in this article, we go through the four key things you should know about uterine fibroids, including fibroids removal, the fibroid diet, and more. In addition, you'll learn how to [...]

4 Things You Should Know About Uterine Fibroids2022-04-12T07:45:08+00:00

Gestational Diabetes Overview


Gestational diabetes in the United States is fairly common, affecting up to ten percent of pregnancies in the US each year. You've received the results of your gestational diabetes test and it looks like you're positive too. What does this mean for you? What does gestational diabetes treatment look like? What's the prognosis for this [...]

Gestational Diabetes Overview2022-04-12T07:39:32+00:00

When to Get Your First Ultrasound and What Are Your Next Steps?


More than any prenatal appointment, most future moms look forward to the first ultrasound during pregnancy. So you've taken the pregnancy tests, and it's confirmed - you'll have a baby soon. So, when is the best time to get the baby's first ultrasound? What can you expect from the first ultrasound? In this article, you'll [...]

When to Get Your First Ultrasound and What Are Your Next Steps?2022-04-12T07:33:08+00:00

34 Major Symptoms of Menopause


If you're reading this, you're likely aware that menopause is the stage of a woman's life during which she no longer has menstrual cycles. However, did you know that there are 34 menopause symptoms a woman can experience besides hot flashes and night sweats? This article explores unusual menopause symptoms such as osteoporosis. We'll also [...]

34 Major Symptoms of Menopause2022-03-15T10:41:06+00:00

Endometrial Ablation: Treatment of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding


If you find heavy menstrual bleeding unbearable to the point that it affects the quality of your everyday life, you may want to consider endometrial ablation. However, before making a final choice, you need to educate yourself on the benefits and potential risks associated with this procedure. This article on endometrial ablation also discusses what [...]

Endometrial Ablation: Treatment of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding2022-03-15T10:26:58+00:00

IUDs: Benefits, Insertion, Effectiveness and Future Implications


If you want long-term, effective, and reversible birth control, you might already be considering an IUD or an intrauterine device. But, what does an IUD look like? How does an IUD work? What are its benefits and does it have any potential drawbacks? In this article on IUDs, we discuss the benefits of IUD, how [...]

IUDs: Benefits, Insertion, Effectiveness and Future Implications2022-03-15T10:17:35+00:00

Why It’s So Hard to Diagnose Endometriosis?


Certain conditions in women are challenging for diagnoses, such as vaginismus, polycystic ovary syndrome, and most of all, endometriosis. In this article, you'll learn about diagnosing endometriosis, its uncommon symptoms, and more. Of course, it is never a good idea to self-diagnose and self-treat, no matter which female condition you suspect you have. Instead, consult [...]

Why It’s So Hard to Diagnose Endometriosis?2022-03-15T09:58:07+00:00

10 Important Things To Know About STDs


Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs for short, significantly impact reproductive and sexual health across the planet. Believe it or not, over one million people contract an STD each day. Even though this number is alarming, people worldwide fail to educate themselves on STDs further; thus, the diseases spread. This article goes through some of theessential [...]

10 Important Things To Know About STDs2022-03-03T09:13:18+00:00

Could MonaLisa Touch be a Good Option For You?


Vaginal health should be every woman's top priority. But, if you're looking for an excellent medical procedure that can aid in vaginal rejuvenation, you may already know a bit about the MonaLisa therapy and its many benefits. This detailed article goes into some of the most frequently asked questions about the MonaLisa treatment, including its [...]

Could MonaLisa Touch be a Good Option For You?2022-03-03T09:07:00+00:00
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