Laser Hair Removal

How do lasers remove hair?

Laser devices utilize light energy to target the hair shaft and follicle and essentially impair the follicle’s ability to grow hair. The melanin or pigment in the shaft and follicle absorb the heat from the laser energy and this effectively “kills” the hair follicle. Committed to providing the most advanced cosmetic care treatment methods, the providers at South Miami OB/GYN Associates use the Lumenis High-Speed LightSheer® DESIRE™ system for laser hair removal.

What Makes the Lumenis High-Speed LightSheer® DESIRE™ better?

The LightSheer systems provide the optimal light wavelength for effectively removing hair without damaging the surrounding skin. The DESIRE is designed with a chilling tip and special vacuum feature that increases the efficacy of the laser while providing increased patient comfort. This laser also allows the provider to adjust the target size which makes it possible to treat larger areas faster.

The overall design of the system provides greater accuracy for the provider in targeting hair follicles. The system also includes a feature that allows for adjustment of the light pulse duration, and that makes it safe and effective for all hair colors and skin tones. Less advanced lasers are often limited to removing dark hair from light skin tones.

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