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Pregnancy represents the most beautiful time in a woman’s life and should go without any serious health problems and issues. To ensure your pregnancy goes smoothly, the field of obstetrics is there to provide all pregnant women and women who have recently given birth with adequate care and treatment. During the nine months of your pregnancy, you will be advised to undergo various tests and screenings that will help your obstetrician get a better insight into what type of care to provide you with. Both prenatal and postnatal care is what you should be provided with from your obstetrician.

The role of an obstetrician is to provide you with adequate support, care, and advice before, during, and after your pregnancy/pregnancies. Obstetricians are the only ones who can take care of women carrying high-risk or multiple pregnancies or women who had complicated deliveries. Thanks to their expertise, they are trained to perform various types of interventions and cesareans, if it’s necessary. Although they are trained to treat pregnant women, they usually collaborate with gynecologists because it gives them a better insight into woman’s reproductive health. Choosing a good obstetrician can make your pregnancy be a happy and carefree time while you’re preparing for the arrival of a new family member.

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Your first prenatal visit will most likely involve a talk about your age, medical history, previous pregnancies/miscarriages, and overall lifestyle habits. In addition to this, your gynecologist might perform an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and rule out the possibility of any anomalies or defects. Based on the information they get from the tests and screenings, your obstetrician can suggest some changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. If you’ve been actively smoking or drinking alcohol, you will be advised to stop for your own good and the baby’s good, as well.

If you still haven’t found a good obstetrician to lead your pregnancy, you can contact our office and book an appointment with one of the obstetricians of your choice. Our team of obstetricians has access to the necessary medical equipment that can help in providing the patients with conscientious care and treatment. With us, you can be sure to always be updated on your and your baby’s health. Our goal is to make your experience an extraordinary one and your pregnancy the happiest time in your life.


 I’ve been a patient at the South Miami location for ever… and the new Doral location has been a blessing since its closer to my job. All of the staff are very pleasant and full of knowledge… I will definitely recommend this location to my coworkers that are in the area… I love the personalized attention I receive from the moment I enter the office to the time I leave… I don’t feel like I’m just another number, just another patient… I feel like all of the staff really does care about me and my well-being.

Sally G.

 The experience I had with my two pregnancies have been very good. They have an amazing team of doctors and they worked with you on the scheduling always with a smile on their faces. Natalie front desk is amazing and the fact that they opened a Doral location is even better. Thank you doctors for taking care of me and my deliveries

Lucas A.

I’ve been going regularly and the new Morpheus8 is my new favorite. I see Jen and she is amazing. Bella, her assistant, is the best. She’s really helpful. 10/10 experience!

Ann L

 Dr. Chi was amazing- she coached me through the labor. A true professional with the experience every new mommy needs. I will continue to see her for my future appointments.

Denay Z.

 Dr. Horst is INCREDIBLE! His attention to detail, bedside manner and amazing memory are just a few of his top qualities. I can’t properly express my absolute gratitude to have him as my Dr.

Rosie B.

 Everyone is so nice at the practise. I have been going there for approximately 10 years now and even though I live a good 45 minutes away, I wouldn’t change doctors. Dr. Chi is amazing! She delivered both my sons and I had a great experience with her as well as with the other doctors at the practice.

Beatrice R.

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