Obstetrics in Downtown Doral and South Miami, FL

Choosing your obstetrician is one of the most important decisions a woman can make. We can help make that decision easier.

Our goal is to provide you with the best professional care, up-to-date healthcare education, and ongoing emotional support before, during, and after delivery. With a choice of male and female board-certified OB-GYNs and Nurse Practitioners, you can be confident you will find a professional you like and trust in an obstetrics practice offering a full range of services.

Beautiful Black Haired Pregnant Woman Being Examined by a Female Doctor

Our obstetrics services include:

  • Prenatal and postpartum care (Fourth Trimester)
  • Vaginal Delivery
  • Cesarean Section (C-Section) Delivery
  • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
  • Infertility screening
  • Genetic screenings
  • High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Elective Cord Blood Banking
  • In-office ultrasound and labs

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Here is what to expect on your first prenatal visit:

Are you pregnant? We love hearing the good news and helping you prepare for your exciting pregnancy journey. If it’s your first pregnancy, you probably have many questions. Our goal is to help you mentally and physically prepare for all the exciting changes ahead.

Your first prenatal visit is longer than future visits. If it’s your first pregnancy, you will want to spend time getting to know your obstetrician. And he or she (Yes, we have both male and female obstetricians) will want to learn more about you and your medical/family history.

It’s the perfect time to discuss what medications you are taking, including vitamins, and your lifestyle habits that could affect your pregnancy, such as smoking, recreational drug use, exercise routines, and caffeine intake.

During the initial visit, your OB will:

  • Do a physical exam, including a pelvic and breast exam and possibly a pap smear
  • Discuss your maternal health
  • Calculate your due date
  • Perform routine bloodwork to check your blood type, hemoglobin, and RH status
  • Perform a urine test to check for signs of a urinary tract infection
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Measure your weight and height to calculate your body mass index
  • Discuss prenatal testing and genetic screenings

Prenatal care is an integral part of a healthy pregnancy. After your initial visit, your prenatal visits will generally be scheduled monthly for weeks 4-28, twice a month for weeks 28-36, and then weekly from week 36 until your delivery. Our patients who are over the age of 35 may be seen more frequently.

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Preconception Planning: Thinking about having a baby?

At South Miami OB-GYN Associates, we believe it’s never too early to plan for pregnancy. Preconception planning allows you to optimize your health before motherhood. Maternal health is a critical piece of your reproductive health.

Your preconception appointment starts with a conversation about your medical history, lifestyle choices, nutrition, vaccinations, and any underlying health conditions that may impact fertility and pregnancy. Through proactive discussions, we can identify and manage any potential risks, offer guidance on achieving a healthy weight and provide recommendations for prenatal vitamins. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions and embark on your journey to parenthood with confidence and a solid foundation for a successful pregnancy and healthy birth.

Increases your chances for a healthy pregnancy and successful childbirth. Schedule your preconceptions appointment in our Downtown Doral or South Miami office today.

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 I’ve been a patient at the South Miami location for ever… and the new Doral location has been a blessing since its closer to my job. All of the staff are very pleasant and full of knowledge… I will definitely recommend this location to my coworkers that are in the area… I love the personalized attention I receive from the moment I enter the office to the time I leave… I don’t feel like I’m just another number, just another patient… I feel like all of the staff really does care about me and my well-being.

Sally G.

 The experience I had with my two pregnancies have been very good. They have an amazing team of doctors and they worked with you on the scheduling always with a smile on their faces. Natalie front desk is amazing and the fact that they opened a Doral location is even better. Thank you doctors for taking care of me and my deliveries

Lucas A.

I’ve been going regularly and the new Morpheus8 is my new favorite. I see Jen and she is amazing. Bella, her assistant, is the best. She’s really helpful. 10/10 experience!

Ann L

 All the doctors I’ve seen have been amazing, helpful, informative, and kind. The nurses, the front desk staff- everyone has been so nice. I am happy to be coming to the Doral location, not to mention that they are extremely accommodating with appointments.

Katherine M.

 Just want to let everyone know how much I love this place. Hands down the best OB practice I’ve ever been to. All the doctors are amazing. I highly recommend this practice!

Odelis C.

 Loyal patient for 15 years +. All the doctors are amazing, in two convenient locations.

Marianoell G.

 Fantastic practice! The receptionist, nurse, and ultrasound technician were all so friendly and nice too. This is the first doctor’s office in a while where I didn’t have to wait forever, and everyone was great.

Kelsey A.

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