Platelet Rich Plasma

Are you frustrated with the effects of the natural aging process, but are hesitant to pursue a treatment that involves substances foreign to your body? Platelet rich plasma may be the answer to your concerns. This golden growth substance is obtained from your own body, and it is unique to you! Explore the PRP treatment options available during a consultation with the professional staff at The Spa at South Lake in Clermont, FL!

What Is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a golden yellow growth substance. It is obtained from blood, and it is packed with powerful growth factors. It may be used to address a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Fine lines
  • Signs of aging
  • Skin laxity
  • Skin tone
  • Volume loss
  • Wrinkles

The growth factors of platelet rich plasma are powerful tools for stimulating natural healing. They may assist with promoting tissue production and other processes.

What Could I Expect from the PRP Treatment Process?

Any PRP treatment begins with the process of obtaining platelet rich plasma. A simple blood draw is performed. The blood collected is then placed in a special centrifuge. As the centrifuge spins at a rapid rate, it forces the golden plasma substance to separate from the rest of the blood. The golden plasma is collected, purified, and prepared for treatment.

PRP is applied during outpatient treatment sessions. As the growth factors engage with your body, they initiate and encourage natural healing processes to occur. There is no downtime associated with the process, and you should be able to immediately resume your everyday Florida activities.

Results achieved with all platelet rich plasma treatments will vary. A series of treatments is often recommended to achieve the best results, and results often gradually improve as your body responds to the growth factors.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

PRP treatments are suitable treatments for almost everyone! Most generally healthy adults with realistic expectations for treatment may qualify as candidates. As platelet rich plasma is obtained from your own body, it offers a viable treatment option to those who may be hesitant to pursue treatments utilizing substances foreign to the body.

A consultation with our staff at either of our locations in Clermont can help you decide if this treatment is right for you. Based on your health, concerns, and treatment preferences, they will help you determine the best treatment option for you. They will help you develop your personalized treatment plan.

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