As with many medical terms, sclerotherapy is a strange and unfamiliar word to many patients, but its application is well known. It is one procedure used for the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, and even hemorrhoids. A solution is injected into the blood vessels for the purpose of inducing fibrous obliteration of pathologic blood vessels. In simple terms, it collapses the affected vein and forces the blood to route around it through another one. The procedure has become well known over the last few decades, but it has its origins back in the 17th century. A Swiss Doctor first used it to induce thrombus formations. Then by the mid 1800’s it was applied to treat varicose veins. The constant refinement of both application of the process and the solution used over the years has led to a safe and effective treatment. Today it is used in both adults and children, where in children it is applied to treat lymphatic or vascular malformations. In some instances the use of an ultrasound is needed to assist in locating the precise location for the injection.

Why Choose Sclerotherapy?

1. Spider veins or varicose veins may cause mild discomfort in the affected areas. As more veins are affected; night cramps, swelling, or aching may occur.

2. The areas affected may be visible and may affect the way you feel about yourself, and force you to make social choices that negatively impact your mental well being.

Is Sclerotherapy A Successful Treatment?

Up to 80% of veins are successfully treated when injected. Once treated, it may take up to 6 weeks for the vein to collapse and the blood flow to be rerouted. Fewer than 10% of patients do not respond to sclerotherapy at all. So take that into consideration when deciding whether it is right for you.

A consultation will be needed to ensure you are a good candidate for sclerotherapy. As a rule, pregnant women do not make good candidates, and should wait until after you have given birth to consider this treatment.

Other Treatment Options

We are proud to also offer treatments for spider veins using Vasculaze, which makes for a great laser alternative. This is a good option for certain patients who might not qualify for sclerotherapy. Using carefully controlled laser energy, this non-invasive treatment targets the hemoglobin to make common vascular issues a thing of the past. Treatments can be used on facial veins, as well as veins on the legs.

Before & After Results

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The Spa at South Lake has assisted many patients in treating varicose veins with sclerotherapy over the years and has the experience to make this proven and effective treatment go as easy as possible for you. If you ever asked yourself about sclerotherapy near me contact us to schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate.