Cord Blood Donation

While cord blood banking may be the last thing on your mind when you find out you are pregnant it should certainly be something you consider along the way during your pregnancy. Cord Blood Banking has been done since the mid 1990’s. Its purposes are rapidly growing in use. The use of umbilical cord blood has been found to be most effective in treating disease of the blood and immune system as well as cancers and blood disorders. With the use of your babies’ own stem cells, this eliminates the fear of rejection from their own immune system. Despite being a potential life saving tool for your baby, his or her siblings often have a 50-75% chance of being a compatible match for these stem cells should they be needed. So much advancement is taking place in this area of medicine that the possible uses of this are stretching far beyond our initial thoughts. It is prudent to consider the banking of your babies cord blood now knowing that 25 years from now the potential uses could be life-saving. The opportunity to do this is a once in a lifetime chance for your baby.

Should you decide to have this collected, you simply contact one of the Cord Blood Banks here in the United States. They will ship YOU a package which you will bring to the hospital at the time of delivery and our doctors will take care to collect this for you.