Women’s Health

South Lake Women’s health represents a wide range of issues and concerns that are unique to them. It doesn’t merely stop at reproductive health, though that might be seen as a large part of women’s health concerns. For instance, women under the age of fifty are twice as likely to die after a heart attack as pre-fifty men. According to the American Heart Association, more women will die this year from heart disease than all cancers added together. This is the reason why South Lake OBGYN in Clermont, Fl offers different women’s health services.

Osteoporosis is another condition that is more prevalent in women than in men. There are several medications when used under a physician’s care, which can help women with maintaining their bone density. Maintaining bone density is a prime concern when trying to avoid broken bones from seemingly small falls and incidents as women age, and most importantly after menopause.

Women are also more likely than men to suffer from symptoms of depression. In fact, across racial groups and countries, it bares out that women are twice as likely to demonstrate signs of depression. The reasons are numerous, and physiology has a role in this.

Not only do women have different health concerns than men, but they all also have different concerns from one another. Depending on age, weight, history, and a number of other medical and environmental factors, women’s physical conditions can be extremely different. Seeking the care of medical professionals who not only care for women but also understand their health needs can make a great difference in a woman’s life.

These are just a few of the many health issues that women face every day. There are vast volumes written on subjects such as, Hormone Replacement Therapy, OB/GYN health, and cancers that are more likely to strike women, and yes, reproductive health issues. From the quality of life to the length of life, knowing you have the right care for your body matters. Staying healthy, as a woman, requires a great amount of personal knowledge and care as they get older. Go and check out women’s health center, or Women’s health services in Lake County, Finding the right care is of the utmost importance.