Losing weight is no easy task; it requires self-determination, confidence, and willingness to achieve certain goals. Being an overweight teenager can drastically reduce both health and self-esteem, not to mention that bullying at school is still a thing. It’s normal to want to achieve great results in a short amount of time, but we cannot stress this enough – miracle pills and extreme diets for teens to lose weight just do not exist. The only way to successfully drop some pounds is through healthy eating and exercising. Supportive parents also make up a huge part of this success. That being said, certain methods and tips can help speed up the process of teen weight loss.

Limit Sweetened Beverages

One of the healthiest and simplest ways for an overweight teenager to lose some weight is by ditching sweet drinks. This includes drinks such as soda, energy drinks, soft drinks, and sweet teas. Although fruit and vegetable juices are, of course, far healthier, you should also pick sugar-free products.

High sugar intake can cause weight gain or even obesity, but it increases the risk of other serious conditions as well, including cavities, fatty liver syndrome, and type 2 diabetes.

In order to act as supportive parents who encourage healthy teen weight loss, you should definitely set an example first. It might be a good idea to stop consuming these as a whole family. After all, seeing their brother, sister, or parents drink a bottle of cold, sweet soda on a hot summer day will likely tempt the teen to do the same as well.

Physical Activity Is Crucial


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Even the best diets for teens to lose weight won’t be enough without appropriate exercises for teenagers. We highly recommend limiting the time teens spend browsing the Internet, playing video games, or socializing via social media and instead enjoy some fresh air.

There’s no need for teenagers to join a sports club if they don’t really want to. For starters, any physical activity will do, such as taking a short walk near the house, or just doing a series of push-ups. With time, it’s more than possible to increase the intensity of the exercises for teenagers.

Teens can also get involved in certain active hobbies, such as gardening, or participate in community action plans, like city park cleanups. These increase physical activity levels and might even become the favorite types of exercises for teenagers. Also, this is a great opportunity to meet some amazing new people.

Avoid Miracle Diets

We’ll just get straight to the point – secret “miracle diets” just do not work, period. Contrary to what their advertisements sometimes say, there’s just no way that one can lose 15 pounds in a week or two, without any physical activity and changing habits.

Sadly, the vast majority of the miracle diets for teens to lose weight fast are scams invented to leech money off people in need. The only sure way for successful and healthy teen weight loss is through hard work, proper eating habits, and physical activity.

Above all else, do not consume any miracle pills, powders, creams, etc. They are placebo at best; at worst, consuming them may lead to serious health problems. This is where supportive parents have to take time to thoroughly and openly discuss the dangers of these diets and pills with their adolescent children. Taking the teen to see a specialist for weight loss in Plantation, FL can also significantly improve their chances of healthy weight loss.

Do Not Skip Meals

Teens might think that avoiding meals may help them drop some weight, but that’s very wrong. On the contrary, we can guarantee that not only does skipping meals not work, but the hunger would lead the adolescent to search for unhealthy snacks, too. Namely, an overweight teenager who skips breakfast constantly has more chances of becoming obese than teens who consume it regularly.

Meals for teenagers should contain protein-rich foods. That’s because consuming more protein will keep them energized and satiated for a longer amount of time. Of course, they can’t just eat anything they want – stick to the healthy and nutritious diet plan specifically made for the teen.

Ditch the so-called “diet foods” altogether. Despite their name, they are often filled with artificial sweeteners and unhealthy fat. Keep in mind that the meals growing teens consume should be freshly made.

Remember the Mindful Eating Practices

If your kids want to eat healthily, you should definitely take mindful eating practices into consideration. Adhering to mindful eating practices helps to avoid poor food choices and maintain a healthy body weight.

First of all, one should avoid eating while watching television, playing video games, or just messing around with their smartphone as this may lead to overeating. Next, remember the importance of eating slowly and savoring every bite. Enjoying each meal to its fullest potential will allow the teenager to walk away from the table satisfied, without the need to consume any snacks for a long time.

We encourage practicing mindful eating with a whole family. The more family members develop mindful eating skills, the easier it’ll be to stick to them.

Always Stay Hydrated

It’s critical that teens drink enough water if they want to stay healthy and maintain the optimal weight. How can staying hydrated help one drop pounds? Well, replacing sodas and other types of sweetened beverages with natural water can work wonders, believe it or not.

Drinking enough water can help manage the hunger cravings and minimize the urge to “just grab a single snack.” Replacing sweet drinks with water will also reduce excess calorie consumption. There’s a reason why professional athletes are required to drink about five liters of water on a daily basis.

Set the Right Requirements for Yourself


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This is essential for all teenagers to hear and understand – never compare yourself to others. You’re your own person and you’re losing weight at your own pace. When considering goals that you want to reach, never inspire yourself by what your friends, family members, or celebrities achieved before you. Remember that, after all, we are all different from each other, and so are our capabilities – every person’s body is unique.

Your journey should not be triggered by the desire to feel and look “as good as someone else.” Each progress counts. Be happy with what you achieved yourself so far, and set goals that are within your reach, instead of comparing yourself to others.

Reduce Stress as Much as Possible

Living a stressful life can cause hormonal changes which, in turn, increase hunger and promote weight gain. True, reducing stress is not easy, especially when you’re a teen, but there are certain things you can and should do. Try some gardening, start practicing yoga or meditation, or just spend some time outdoors. Contact with nature surely is a great stress reliever.

If you’re generally feeling very stressed on a daily basis, it’s never a bad option to consult your school therapists or psychologists. There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help.

Losing weight isn’t an easy process, but if the teen is interested in becoming healthier already shows they have amazing potential to do just that. Never give up or let yourself get distracted by negative comments or haters. Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your parents about your weight concerns and wishes. They can take you to a doctor to get a comprehensive wellness exam and the ideal weight loss plan for you in particular. That said, Dr. Juan Carlos Millon is always open to welcoming and helping the kids and their parents with whatever issue they might be facing.