Our team of experts here at Worldwide Pediatrics in Plantation and Doral, FL includes a set of sports doctors as well. Before deciding to sign up your child to a sports activity, make sure to take them to a detailed check-up that will give you answers on what sports activity is best for their age, personality, and abilities.

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Sports Physicals

Before they start a new sports season, children need to be assessed by professional sports doctors to make sure they can participate in sports activities. This is done with the help of sports physicals, exams that successfully determine the child’s medical condition and competence for particular sports. 

The exam consists of a medical history part, where the parents are asked to fill in a questionnaire about medical conditions running in the family, previous general surgery operations, fractures, medications, allergies, and illnesses. During the physical part of the exam, the doctor will check the child’s height and weight, take its blood pressure and pulse, tests the vision, check all major organs, and evaluate the posture and overall flexibility.

Orthopedic Injuries

During childhood, children often break bones in their upper and lower extremities because they are constantly on the move. Although it can be a stressful situation for both the child and its parents or caregivers, it’s important to react promptly and avoid any further complications. 

Common pediatric orthopedic injuries include the femur, elbow, and tibia fractures, but other types occur as well. Our team of sports doctors will assess the injury and provide your child with proper care and treatment. if you suspect your child might have suffered an orthopedic injury, book an appointment today and our doctors will take care of the rest.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are a common thing among children who are physically active and play sports. These injuries occur when two children collide during a sports activity, when they fall on a hard surface, or when they simply train too much. There is no reason to panic because many sports injuries are easily treated and taken care of by professional sports medicine doctors. 

Upon admittance, a pediatric general surgeon will assess the child’s condition and take the necessary steps to make sure the injury is treated in a proper manner.

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