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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Baby’s Ears


Baby’s are fragile, and sometimes it can feel complicated caring for them, especially if this is your first child. Maybe you’ve gone to google and searched “ how to clean baby ears,” only to come across a million different opinions. Besides asking your pediatrician, if you’re wondering how to clean newborn ears and what to

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Baby’s Ears2021-09-28T07:42:02+00:00

Back To School: 5 Tips For Staying Healthy In This Stressful Period


In any sense, going back to school is a huge moment for kids and parents, especially in light of this past year. Back to school health is at the forefront of many parents and our minds. Also, many kids have not been to in-person school for over a year. Back to school safety tips are

Back To School: 5 Tips For Staying Healthy In This Stressful Period2021-09-28T07:34:34+00:00

How To Help Your Child With Social Anxiety


Social phobia or social anxiety disorder is more than just shy behavior. Whether you have noticed your child suffering from anxiety shaking or irregular behavior, you should seek professional help with us for social anxiety in children. There is a big difference in shyness vs. social anxiety. Social anxiety can result in paralyzed feelings when

How To Help Your Child With Social Anxiety2021-08-03T09:56:52+00:00

Food poisoning vs. Stomach Flu – What’s the difference?


We have all probably woken up one day feeling extra sluggish. Then we went on throughout the day and felt even more low-energy. The next few days may turn into nausea, fever, or chills. If you had roommates or lived with your family at the time, they may have come down with the same mystery

Food poisoning vs. Stomach Flu – What’s the difference?2021-08-03T09:46:44+00:00

How to Fight Summer Allergies


Summer is a time for all things fun in the sun—warm breezes and cool beach water. All is well unless you are one of the millions of people known to suffer from summer allergy symptoms. Those breezes and cool waters found in our Florida communities actually create humid, warm conditions perfect for allergies. For adults,

How to Fight Summer Allergies2021-07-06T12:55:58+00:00

Sports Physical vs. Regular Physical: What’s the Difference?


Parents often ask why they need to get a physical for sports for their children. They want to know what you do at a sports physical that is different from a regular physical. These two types of physicals may seem similar, but a regular physical cannot replace a sports   physical. A sports physical requires

Sports Physical vs. Regular Physical: What’s the Difference?2021-07-06T12:46:18+00:00

How to Prevent Sports Injuries


If you are an athlete or regularly engage in sports, then there is a chance that you may have found yourself at a sports injuries clinic once or twice. This is because participating in a sport often involves pushing the body to high limits, and if you do not follow the safety and injury prevention

How to Prevent Sports Injuries2021-05-10T17:16:00+00:00

Common Springtime Illnesses‏


Spring is a refreshing time, especially after the long and cold winter months. However, as beautiful and attractive as it is, with its long and warm days, you might find yourself frequently searching for “‏pediatric near me”‏. Spring awakens the earth and boosts our spirits with beauty and promise, but it can also bring about

Common Springtime Illnesses‏2021-05-10T17:06:25+00:00

Colds in Children


If your child has just started coughing, sneezing, and complaining that he or she has a sore throat, the most obvious suspect is a cold. Colds affect millions of children throughout the world every year. Kids have a higher likelihood to develop colds during winter, but fall is when the onslaught normally starts. The bad

Colds in Children2021-04-02T14:23:39+00:00

What Is Bronchiectasis?


When you develop bronchiectasis, your airways become inflamed and widened, and their ability to move mucus away becomes limited due to the destruction of cilia. This results in the accumulation of mucus in the airways, which will most likely lead to infection. Therefore, the treatment for bronchiectasis aims to prevent further damage to your lungs

What Is Bronchiectasis?2021-04-01T17:33:38+00:00
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