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When Blood Sugar Is Too High (for Kids)


The food that you eat and the exercise that you do can affect your blood sugar level. While the human body needs the glucose that comes from sugar and uses it as an energy source, too much or too little sugar can negatively impact the body. The blood sugar level that a child has can

When Blood Sugar Is Too High (for Kids)2020-10-26T15:10:49+00:00

6 Reasons Kids Having Stomach Pain


Parents worry about the health of their children but don't want to take them to the doctor every time they have an ache or pain. You probably know that you can treat the symptoms of a cold or virus at home, but how confident do you feel using over-the-counter remedies for stomach pain? Upper stomach

6 Reasons Kids Having Stomach Pain2020-10-26T15:08:34+00:00

10 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Kids Healthy


Keeping your kids healthy is essential in reducing the amount of time they get sick. It also helps ensure that they grow and develop without conditions that may affect them later in life. Children pick up a lot of germs while playing, which may cause infections and illnesses. They can also easily transfer those infections

10 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Kids Healthy2020-10-14T10:21:49+00:00

7 Back-to-School Illnesses Parents Need to Watch For


Getting your kids back to school after a long break provides them with an environment to learn, interact with their peers, and grow socially. Unfortunately, it's also a place where unwanted germs tend to lurk. Spending most of their time with other classmates increases the possibility of them picking up an infection and getting sick

7 Back-to-School Illnesses Parents Need to Watch For2020-10-14T10:24:56+00:00

7 Ways to Keep Bugs Away From Your Kids This Summer


Woodsy trails, backyard playtime, and bonfires tend to have pesky bloodsuckers that ruin children's summertime fun. Bites from bugs not only tend to be irritating, but they can also pose a threat to children since insects can transmit diseases. For instance, some mosquitoes may transmit and carry deadly viruses such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Zika,

7 Ways to Keep Bugs Away From Your Kids This Summer2020-10-01T14:47:12+00:00

How to Cool Down Your Kid in Hot Weather: 13 Tips Every Parent Needs to Know


When most parents think about what temperature is safe to take baby outside, they worry about cold temperatures. However, the reality is that hot temperatures can actually be even more dangerous for your baby. Young children struggle to properly regulate temperatures and hydration levels. Just being a few degrees too hot can lead to heatstroke,

How to Cool Down Your Kid in Hot Weather: 13 Tips Every Parent Needs to Know2020-10-01T14:49:21+00:00

7 Tips for Keeping Kids Hydrated During Hot Summer Days


Children who enjoy being outdoors should be allowed to spend as much time as they want outside. This gives them a great opportunity to explore, especially during the warmer months. The only caveat is that you have to figure out how to keep them hydrated. Younger children know they are thirsty, but they don't always

7 Tips for Keeping Kids Hydrated During Hot Summer Days2020-08-11T14:11:10+00:00

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Always Wear Sunscreen


It's instinctive to run outside and enjoy the rays as soon as the warm season arrives. Without applying sunscreen, however, you may develop sunburns or acne outbreaks. These issues could be even more harmful for children. Even though many youngsters detest the application process, sun protection for kids is crucial. Why Sunscreen Is So Important

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Always Wear Sunscreen2020-08-11T11:59:17+00:00

How Do Doctors Diagnose Autism?


Autism is one of the more prevalent disorders with which children are currently diagnosed. According to the statistics, 1 in 54 children born in the United States is now diagnosed with autism. Broadly speaking, the numbers have increased dramatically over the past few decades. Much of this increase has been attributable to an increase in

How Do Doctors Diagnose Autism?2020-07-22T17:39:48+00:00

8 Most Common Childhood Illnesses


If you are a new parent, then you may want to know more about common illnesses and pediatric diseases that your child may get, including the symptoms and the best treatments for them. About 32 million American children missed school last year because of an illness, which demonstrates how common it is for young people

8 Most Common Childhood Illnesses2020-07-22T17:37:31+00:00
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