Are you happy with the face in the mirror?

If not, maybe facial rejuvenation and sculpting are what you need to return vitality and youth to your reflection.

When it comes to your face, here are some of the most common problem areas and the cosmetic solutions that we offer:

  • Eyelid Lifts/Forehead Lifts: Help open up eye area, making eyes more prominent and providing a rested appearance.
  • Facelifts: Help patients with sagging facial and neck skin achieve improved contours of the cheek, eyes, and mouth.
  • Nose surgery: Changes the shape and size of the nose.
  • Facial Implant: Adds contouring to the face.

  • Dermal/Facial Graft and AlloDerm: Add fullness to lips and smooth out unwanted lines around the mouth.

  • Injectables such as Botox®, Juvéderm™, and Restylane: Smooth unwanted lines and restore a youthful look to the lips and face.

If you’re considering facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Goodwin can recommend a treatment plan that meets your goals and explain the satisfying results you can expect.

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