There’s no denying the radiance a woman exudes when she’s pregnant. Keeping that glow during and after pregnancy is an important part of lifting her spirits at a time when hormones are fluctuating and the demands of motherhood are increasing.
As a nurse practitioner and a labor and delivery nurse for six years respectively, I see first-hand the needs many women have and how those needs are creatively being met.
When I started my nursing career 12 years ago, I remember going to check-in on a woman who was pregnant with twins and had just been admitted to the hospital. I walked into her room, and she was getting her highlights and nails done. It was not a common sight back then, but now it is becoming more common and understandably so, since many women want to feel beautiful and put their best face forward during this exciting time in their life.
That may seem like an extreme example of beauty preparation for childbirth to some women, but for others it’s what is needed to help them feel more like themselves during a time when there are so many changes.
If you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. It’s more about lifting spirits and feeling better able to receive visitors or guests.
I have had the pleasure of being in the delivery room with close friends (some who are like family) and taking photos of the first moments when a new life comes into this world. There’s nothing like it. Those moments are precious and the expression of emotions is priceless. At that moment hair and makeup don’t matter.
Many people keep those pictures private but there is a new trend to share those au naturel photos with family and friends via social media. While that works for some new moms, others may want those photos to look au naturel but with a little help from beauticians or photoshop. Still there are moms who only want the polished photo of the new baby with family to be revealed to the world. All choices are personal and perfectly understandable.
Concierge maternity services, including manicures and pedicures, blow-outs for hair, make-up application or even having a favorite restaurant meal delivered while in the hospital, are becoming more commonplace and have been showcased in reality shows such as, “Pregnant in Heels.” These types of services are booming for many reasons.
Lifestyle, as well as practicality, determines many decisions. For example, during an early admission to the hospital or after delivery, a woman’s blood pressure may be elevated and such services such as massages or yoga instruction, once approved by a doctor, may help ease her into her new role with less anxiety or stress.
It’s also important to prepare for what happens after leaving the hospital.
Some families will plan specific outfits deciding whether dad or other siblings will wear blue or pink depending on the gender of the child. It’s all about comfort and looking nice because it’s a big day. You will be introducing your new child to the world and your personal paparazzi of family, friends and co-workers want to share in your joy.
My advice for expectant parents is to not put everything off until the last moment. Having a baby is unpredictable. Have your hospital-ready bag packed at 35 weeks and be ready for the spontaneous moment that could be the most exciting moment of your life.