The gift-giving season is upon us and the gift of good health or gifts to help keep the whole family healthy can be presents that are treasured for years to come.

There are many hi-tech gadgets that encourage family activities and togetherness. Here’s a look at some that are sure to inspire the whole family to have fun!

  1. Activity trackers are a good way to get the whole family moving. Wristbands or smart watches can be used to calculate your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Give one to each member of the family and watch a friendly competition begin. Perhaps the person with the most steps or calories burned at the end of the week gets to choose what’s for dinner one night.
  2. Video games used to encourage inactivity resulting in people becoming couch potatoes. Not anymore! The newer video gaming systems get people off the couch and moving since they require body movements to play some games. Choose games that will keep the entire family moving.
  3. Dental health is also important and motorized toothbrushes for the family can encourage everyone to spend the proper amount of time cleaning their teeth and taking care of their gums.
  4. An electronic fork for everyone at meal time can help inspire healthy eating for the whole family.  This specialized fork records the amount of time it takes between each bite and vibrates if you are eating too fast. The goal is to help you eat slower which aids in better digestion and weight control.  The information is tracked with the use of an app and can lead to friendly competition with the whole family.
  5. A massage chair is a great way to relax tense muscles and decrease tension in the body. Massages are known to relieve stress, improve blood flow and increase endorphin levels. The massage chair can be enjoyed by everyone in the family any time of day or night.