TopLine MD Alliance affiliated physician, Dr. William Casale, was recently featured in The Palm Beach Post for his dedicated and hard work as a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist. In his office at the Comprehensive Women’s Medical Center in Palm Beach County, Dr. Casale is proudly surrounded by pictures of some of the nearly 10,000 babies that he and his longtime partner, Dr. Steven Silverman, helped deliver.

After a successful career that spanned over four decades, Dr. Casale is retiring in July 2022. In the article, Dr. Casale reminisces on the impact he and Dr. Silverman had on families across the county. Dr. Casale plans to continue to advocate for women’s health and volunteer at medical facilities once he retires. To learn more about Dr. Casale and the impact he made while at the Comprehensive Women’s Medical Center, click here.


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