By: Dr. Anna Suarez-Davis

You’re a new mom in the New Year! It’s a very exciting time! But it can be overwhelming too. As an OB/GYN and a mom to a 6-month-old girl and 3-year-old boy, I know there are lots of challenges ahead but there are also a lot of triumphs and joys in the journey.

Here are three key things that will help new moms and their new baby begin a bright new year together.


It’s paramount. New moms often ask me about safety. When it’s time to take the precious little one home from the hospital, the first safety issue is the proper installation of the car seat. Car seats should be rear-facing up until the child is age two, or until they exceed the height or weight limit for the car seat, which can be found on the back of the seat. Of course, once your little one is home, making sure your home is child-proof so they can’t get into anything that could potentially harm them is important.

Babies also have an immature gag reflex and a small airway. They are learning to eat for the first time and choking is a real concern. One of the best things new moms and anyone who will be taking care of the baby can do is attend a CPR class. It is a great skill to know and it gives you some reassurance that if you find yourself in a situation where your baby is choking you will know what to do.


New babies eat often and new moms can be nervous about this for many reasons. Many moms may choose to breast feed, since it is the healthiest food source for the baby but not everyone can or chooses to. It’s a personal choice and new moms should not feel pressured to breast feed because it could cause anxiety, which isn’t good for anyone, especially a new mom.


Creating a happy environment for your new baby does not need to be complicated. A well-fed child with an established sleep routine and loving environment from parents and family will go a long way towards keeping a baby happy.

Many new moms think they must encourage their child to develop intellectually from early on with lots of stimulation when in fact we need to focus on giving our kids a loving environment to just be and discover things on their own. There will be lots of time to engage their natural curiosity because there is a natural cycle of things that happen if you take good care of your baby.

Mom’s happiness is important too. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your baby. You’re not any good to anyone if you’re not well. Sometimes that means accepting help from family and friends so you can make sure you eat right, get enough sleep and exercise. Keeping these three resolutions to embrace safety, nutrition and happiness will go a long way to a happy New Year all year long!

Besides the baby’s basic needs of good nutrition, sleep, a clean diaper and engaged parents, it is also important to keep your appointments with your TopLine MD pediatrician to see that your baby is meeting growth and developmental milestones.

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