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At TopLine MD, we believe that being on the frontline of health news encourages a more informed community of patients and providers. That is why we strive to highlight our physicians and partners featured in the media who offer thought provoking perspectives. For insights beyond the ordinary, check out what our doctors have to say about the latest in healthcare.

Kendall Gazette: Triplets Join Mother to Create One-of-a-Kind Medical Practice

They shared a womb, attended the same high school and graduated from the same college. Now joining their mom’s longstanding medical practice, three…
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Sun Sentinel: The Big Mistake of Rolling Back on Contraception

The Trump administration’s recent announcement of a possible rollback in contraception coverage represents a huge blow to health care for America’s women. As an…
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Country Living: 8 Things Health Experts Wish You Knew About the Vitamin Aisle

Even if you faithfully take a multi every day, you might have some misconceptions about daily supplements. The truth is, not all vitamins…
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Reader’s Digest: 8 Surprising Signs of Breast Cancer in Men

Although significantly fewer men are diagnosed with breast cancer than women, it is important to spread awareness about the signs so that men…
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