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At TopLine MD, we believe that being on the frontline of health news encourages a more informed community of patients and providers. That is why we strive to highlight our physicians and partners featured in the media who offer thought provoking perspectives. For insights beyond the ordinary, check out what our doctors have to say about the latest in healthcare.

Tincture: The 5Q: Patient Engagement, Industry Transformation, and Social Leadership — a Chat with Dr. Geeta Nayyar

In the 5Q, Tincture sits down with leaders to discuss their day to day work and share their perspectives on healthcare, medicine, and…
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Romper: How To Do The Pick Up, Put Down Sleep Training Method

Sleep deprived parents need all the help they can get. For some, this help comes in the form of sleep training their baby.…
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Mamapedia: What is Gestational Diabetes?

Around 9 percent of all pregnant women will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While…
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The Hill: Challenging the moral hazard with healthcare and insurance

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment period coming to a close, we have an opportunity to reflect upon present challenges in our…
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