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At TopLine MD, we believe that being on the frontline of health news encourages a more informed community of patients and providers. That is why we strive to highlight our physicians and partners featured in the media who offer thought provoking perspectives. For insights beyond the ordinary, check out what our doctors have to say about the latest in healthcare.

Romper: 7 Questions OB-GYNs Say You Think You Know The Answers To But Likely Don’t

Between talking to girlfriends and female family members, flipping through magazines, and searching for answers on the internet, many women think they know…
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Univision: The Foods and Daily Habits That Keep the Kidneys Healthy (and working perfectly)

TopLine MD nephrologist, Dr. Fanny González recommends that you should consume small amounts of salt, drink about eight glasses of water a day,…
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The Bump: Nuchal Chord – Causes, Signs and Treatment

One of the biggest side effects of pregnancy is fear of the unknown. This affliction impacts almost all mothers-to-be, and runs the gamut…
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PopSugar: This Doctor Warns Against Getting Frisky If You Have a UTI – Here’s Why

When it comes to a UTI, it's no joke: they're painful, itchy, and a tad smelly (yuck). You probably won't really be in…
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