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Winter Park Colon and Rectal Specialists, LLC is the medical practice of Jacqueline Levy Kaiser, M.D.. She is a board-certified Colon and Rectal Surgeon who has been in private practice in Winter Park, Florida since 1996. Almost twenty years ago, she decided to limit her practice exclusively to the areas of anal and rectal surgery and colonoscopy

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Services (for ages 17 and up)

*Colonoscopy (both Screening and Diagnostic)
*Evaluation and Treatment of Anorectal Disorders
*Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
*Hemorrhoids and Anal Fissures
*Treatment of Pilonidal Cysts with the Bascom cleft lift repair



Our office is located in the Family Physicians Building on the corner of Goodrich Ave and Lakemont Ave, just south of Aloma Avenue. We are directly across from Winter Park Hospital on the Emergency Room side of the hospital. We are in a two-story brick building with white columns in the front. Patient parking is in the rear of the building, accessible via Goodrich Avenue. The building and office are ADA accessible.


I started visiting Dr. Kaiser’s office recently, although I’ve seeing her only for a few months, I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Kaiser and her staff. Dr. Kaiser was very thorough, she listens and explains the diagnosis, and therapy protocol. Thanks to her, and her diligence I was quickly diagnosed with a rare early stage cancer. She was quick to get a diagnosis, and perform surgery. Her team quickly set up my appointments with the best Oncology team in Orlando; Dr. David Molthrop, and Dr. Steven Lester. I’m still going through Rad/Chemo treatments, and praying for a full recovery, but wanted to take the time to recognize, and thank Dr. Kaiser for her care, diligence, and thoroughness
Rosa C.

Wonderful doctor and staff! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. Very professional, you do not feel rushed, she sits down and explains everything to you.

Sharon H.

Hands down, the best doctor around. She is gentle and thorough. Dr. Kaiser is definitely the doctor to go to for your colorectal issues. She does not recommend unnecessary surgeries, and in fact she preferred I waited until i delivered my baby for a more invasive treatment. I was a pest at times, pushing for a surgery that she was not comfortable doing, as I was too far along in my pregnancy. I can’t thank her enough for being such a caring, gentle soul. Thank you to the staff as well, for being so accommodating. <3

Ashley K.


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